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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: A Song For Every Weekend Vibe

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Aussie music is continuing to thrive despite everything 2020 throws our way. Artists seem determined that they can cover us with a blanket when the world seems cold, or give us that pump-up we need to go for a run when we haven’t been outside for a few days. The weekend is on the horizon and we are ready to provide you with six jams to suit the variance of vibes you’ll be feeling.

Low Key Crush - 'Been waiting'

‘Been Waiting’ will be the opening credits track to my weekend. This warm, dreamy pop track features fuzzy lo-fi guitar and drums, paired with beautifully layered vocals and harmonies which will put you in a trance. However it's not without intensity and in the last thirty seconds, the song builds into a fleshy love song.

Dolly Zoom - 'Rabbit Hole'

Dolly Zoom really will lead you down a rabbit hole with their new synth pop track. This band floats around the cosmos of psychedelic rock, dream pop and disco and they seem to inhabit whatever planet they land on. You might find me vibing to this track with my headphones in while folding my washing, or whispering it in the DJs ear at the pub.

Kaiya - 'Introspect'

With influences from SZA, Frank Ocean and Ella Fitzgerald, Kaiya unites contemporary hip hop with old soul. This track was written in response to Melbourne’s lockdown laws and will be the song I listen to after I watch the news so I can check myself. The lyrics are what really shine in this one and Kaiya has found a way to deliver an important and comforting message via a really glossy track.

“Isolation ain’t so bad/ Get up get out of your head/ Close you eyes and take deep breaths/ Prepare for what’s ahead, take the time to care.”

Jantoje (Feat. Beach Season) - 'Without'

Jantoje skirts the line between electronic and dance music, as well as indie hip hop and pop and this track finds a great balance between all of these. The steady beat is really hard not to bop along to which makes ‘Without’ the perfect track for summer drives or to add to your workout playlist.

Lady Lash - 'In My Dreams' (dans mes rêves)

This track is for the slower, quieter moments of the weekend. In the bath by candlelight or in the car by yourself, ’In My Dreams’ is an immersive experience which deserves your full attention. The vocal round that opens the song immediately lets us know this is a kind of spiritual experience which, although dreamlike, is rooted in gritty hip hop.

Dolmades - 'Cord in the Wall'

And to round off the ebbs and flows of this week’s six pack, Dolmades have served us garage rock track ‘Cord in the Wall’ which has the kind of ragged, raw production that makes it feel nostalgic. Dolmades is a beautiful musical amalgamation of The Pretty Littles, Neighbourhood Youth and Press Club and they bring the best of those groups to this track. If you’re looking for music to remind you of the feeling of seeing live shows, this is the track for you.

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