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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Another Week, Another Stack Of Tasty New Music Treats

Another week, another stack of tasty new music treats served up by some very impressive artists that should land on your Aus music radar (they’ve certainly made it onto ours!) Whether it’s simmering indie-pop from a Sydney songstress or an electrifying statement piece from a WA trio, let us introduce you to some must-listen tracks that you’ll definitely want to save for later.

Sammy Honeysett - 'I C UR LIPS'

Sydney-based songstress Sammy Honeysett has brought a new level of fire to her alluring new single ‘I C UR LIPS’, an indie pop/rock track simmering with passion, fuelled by anger and sure to have you yelling the chorus with everything you’ve got. Created from the flames of empathetic fury whilst witnessing her friend struggle with a breakup, ‘I C UR LIPS’ shudders with Sammy’s righteous rage that builds alongside a pulsating bass and swelling drums. Her dangerously enticing vocals rise to an unflinching chorus followed by contagious guitar riffs and an uplifting. beat. With the announcement of Sammy’s debut EP set for release in April, ‘I C UR LIPS’ is a thrilling instalment from this fiery artist.

For Fans Of: Middle Kids, Annie Hamilton, Stella Donnelly

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The Jensens - ‘Disappear From The World Forever’

If The Jensens' latest single ‘Disappear From The World Forever’ were a movie, it would be a sci-fi rom-com that begins with swelling happiness and ends with compelling chaos. Quirky Brisbane band The Jensens are known for their unique sound that can transport their listeners to different times, places and even worlds, so it’s no wonder that big movie moments sprung immediately to mind on first listen of their new single. Blending elements of electronic-pop and psych-rock, the swirling track takes us on a five-minute journey through the time-space continuum with increasingly desperate vocals and a bridge brimming with epic synth riffs that rocket us into space. ‘Disappear From The World Forever’ is another cracking addition to The Jensens' upcoming sophomore album, scheduled for release in May. Keep it up boys!

For Fans Of: Cub Sport, Two Door Cinema Club, The Jungle Giants

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Ghost Care - ‘Kevin Garnett’

This heart-racing, electrifying track from WA’s Ghost Care is an absolute cracker. The alt-pop trio from Perth have exploded into 2021 with ‘Kevin Garnett’, a single that is so fast-paced that it makes you want to start running and never stop (can’t stop running / can’t stop running). With an accelerating bridge that embraces wild drumming that the Hockey Dad boys would be proud of, this track is absolutely crackling with electricity as it showcases the band’s crisp vocals and dominating guitars. ‘Kevin Garnett’ is a huge statement piece from Ghost Care that alludes to big things to come.

For Fans Of: Ball Park Music, Boy & Bear, Hockey Dad

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Merpire - 'Dinosaur'

Melbourne-based indie pop-rock artist Merpire is stomping her way to success with latest single ‘Dinosaur’, a hook-filled, vocally dominant track that hums with a building intensity. Known for her talent for storytelling, ‘Dinosaur’ is inspired by a line in the first Jurassic Park movie and expresses the tension felt by someone suffering from social anxiety. 'Dinosaur' exemplifies Merpire's ability to address serious issues within her songwriting whilst also capturing her quirkiness and love of movies. This is also evident in the accompanying music video which was filmed entirely underneath her trampoline. Definitely one to play on repeat, 'Dinosaur' is a formidable 2021 release for the Melbourne artist.

For Fans Of: Angel Olsen, Soccer Mommy, Middle Kids

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PARKER - 'Lie Low'

Visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER, unveiled her emotionally eerie single 'Lie Low' as an inspiration to any woman who has ever diminished their own hopes, dreams and talents to allow someone else to take the spotlight. 'Lie Low' was created through PARKER’S frustration and rage at all the times she controlled her emotions so that she didn’t make others feel uncomfortable. She states: “I always felt this responsibility to not be too loud or abrasive, to look pretty, to sound pretty, to not challenge people too much, make music and art that is beautiful and easy to listen to and look at.” PARKER’S raw, intimate vocals bring a vulnerability to the track that is both hopeful and heartbreaking. Dripping with pure, intense emotion, 'Lie Low' is a topical track with a message that should not be taken lightly.

For Fans Of: Robyn, Bjork, Christine & The Queens, Lana Del Ray

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Lara - 'Drifting'

Melbourne pop artist and producer, Lara, has released a new single that will have you spellbound by haunting vocals and immediately enveloped within dreamy electronic pop. ‘Drifting’ is a vibrant, floating track that explores a unique blend of soul-infused trip-hop brought to life by Lara’s polished production style. Capturing the disorientating feelings associated with isolation and moving to a new place, Lara explains: “‘Drifting’ was written after moving between countries and contending with feeling adrift from people I once spent every day with. It recognises the bitter-sweet nature of change and its unavoidable consequences.” So sit back, relax and let Lara take you on an entrancing electronic-pop journey, drifting amongst the clouds.

For Fans Of: MS MR, CHVRCHES, Broods

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