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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Before Easter Treats And Brand New Sweets

It’s been a whirlwind of long nights and even longer long weekends, but that hasn't stopped the music from flowing! This week, we’re bringing you some of our favourite tracks from the recent days, just to make sure you haven’t missed them! From debut singles to album announcement tracks, these varying artists all have one thing in common- proving this is the year for great Australian music! Sink your teeth into these but please, only one at a time!

Fleur De Mur- ‘Neither Am I’

There is something so captivating about an artist who radiates self-assurance, backed up by musical skill and confidence. Having such traits in spades, Fleur de Mur has captivated us from the first release, and with the second release now having arrived, we have even more to swoon over! ‘Neither Am I’ is a powerful statement piece that encapsulates the artist's unique sense of sound and undeniable sense of identity. Fleur’s unique, soul-infused vocals offer an eclectic and lively taste of the sound we’re used to, flipping the genre on its head to create an infusion of soul, disco, and alt-pop. The funky beats and soaring synths appear to be a lethal combination within this track, creating a perfectly balanced potion of danceability, energy, and personality. ‘Neither Am I’ is not merely another track for Fleur De Mur, but is an embodiment of her charm, charisma, and game-changing understanding of sound and style!

For fans of: Supathick, CLEWS, WIIGZ

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Of Lion- ‘Right Thing’

Nestled within her latest EP ‘Sunset’ is Of Lion’s latest gem ‘Right Thing’. From the beginning, delicate vocals and haunting sounds create an eerie and intricate soundscape, shaping the track to be all-encompassing and lingering. Such a feeling is built upon by echoing guitars that soar against Of Lion’s shifting vocal capabilities. ‘Right Thing’ is open and vulnerable, even after the intensity increases. The track’s unwavering vulnerability is a quality that is expressed in many different ways within the same song, and is perhaps a bigger representation of the skill held by Of Lion and their artistry. Deep drums continue to navigate the fluctuating scope of the track, but no matter how far it rises, ‘Right Thing’ remains grounded in its palpable emotion.

For fans of: Second Idol, Sycco, Platonic Sex

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Dear Seattle- ‘Feel The Weight’

It’s always a good time to know there’s new Dear Seattle music on the way, so right now, we’re ecstatic! With a new album incoming, the Sydney boys have turned the excitement dial up to eleven with a fresh single, ‘Feel The Weight’. Leading off with strong and sturdy riffs, this track is explosive from beginning to end. Anthemic chants and powerful vocals immediately consume you as a listener, and transport you to the endless possibilities this track holds within a live setting. It is this very worldbuilding that transports, using the band’s powerful craftsmanship and soaring vocals to make something that would easily find a home within a stadium. The emotive vocals of Fisher hypnotize with feeling, yet again leaving you feeling one with the track. There is a fresh kind of confidence that radiates from this track, and we can only hope this assurance can be found within the upcoming album.

For fans of: Sly Withers, Luca Brasi, Slowly Slowly

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SoSo- ‘The Festival Song’

If there’s one band you can count on to lift your spirits, it’s SoSo! And this time, their latest release might just be a little too familiar! Their latest single, ‘The Festival Song’ narrates the classic story of the Australian festival experience. Signature to SoSo, the band’s honest, clever, and at times hilarious, storytelling steals the show. Linear and fun, the track guides you through all the sweat, tears, and other liquids of the festival day. Truthful and lived out, ‘The Festival Song’ is an immersive experience that you can relate to at any point. Punchy guitars and powerful drums seal the deal, making the track an embodiment of good vibes. With an anthemic chorus and chanting closer, ‘The Festival Song’ will have you missing your gig buddies with its perfect representation of Aussie festival life.

For fans of: Between You & Me, RedHook, Those Without

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Waxflower- ‘Misaligned Love’ (featuring Sydney Sprague)

Waxflower has been dominating the year with a string of releases, all of which are culminating in the release of an upcoming EP. The band has recently offered one final taste in the form of ‘Misaligned Love’. True to Waxflower’s style, the track is an emotive anthem that explores the realms of longing and catharsis, intertwining different feelings and showcasing varying emotions as the song progresses. Deep drums and plentiful guitar offer us all we need and more, as well as create a perfect foundation for the band’s strong storytelling to unfold upon. Obtaining the help of Sydney Sprague sees Waxflower create a perfect partnership. With both sets of vocals perfectly intertwining with one another, a fresh and entrancing dynamic is achieved. Calm yet powerful, the track is assertive and assured, showing off Waxflower’s growing artistry and storytelling abilities! Is there anything they can’t do?

For fans of: Bellwether, Down For Tomorrow, Columbus

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Dizzy Days- ‘Take My Heart’

It’s not often that a band will steal your heart with their debut single, but Dizzy Days certainly have with their first hit ‘Take My Heart’! An immediate, thick bass reels you into a world of inescapable beats and follows the track around its gradual and thought-out build-up. With a smooth glide, the song becomes something more and more before your very ears, eventually igniting within the chorus that becomes an instant earworm. Navigating all this are the captivating vocals that perfectly compliment the pop-disco energy created within the instrumentals. A cauldron of spicy synths, vibrant bass, and alluring vocals creates a recipe for pop-infused perfection. Fresh and energetic yet thoughtful and deep, ‘Take My Heart’ finds its home within many realms, transporting the listener through its juxtaposing worlds of dance beats and heartfelt lyrics. Whether you're dancing or pondering, you'll do it in style with Dizzy Days!

For fans of: Evie Irie, CXLOE, Eves Karydas

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