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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Bringing You The Latest Aussie Tunes

Growing tired of the same old songs on repeat? Switch things up with some new releases from Australia’s up-and-coming legends.

LamBros. - 'Mercy'

‘Mercy’ is the latest release from the Northern Syndey duo LamBros..These talented brothers seamlessly incorporate rock, folk and blues together with unique experimental sounds. ‘Mercy’ features rich vocals and a catchy blues riff that will play in your head for hours after listening. This track builds up to a spine-tingling chorus impossible not to sing along to. Lambros. shared, “This song stems from regret, reflection, and motivation. We hope you use this song to pump you up, cool you down, escape the moment, or just to enjoy listening to some music”. With a busy schedule of tours and new releases lined up in 2021, Lambros. are a duo to keep your eye on.

You were my heart/

You were my only one/

Sit down now please/

You left your mark/

You played me like a drum

For Fans Of: Lime Cordiale, Ocean Alley, Teskey Brothers

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Sly Withers - 'Clarkson'

Sly Withers have dropped their new single ‘Clarkson’ with the announcement of their new album Gardens (coming out June 11). This Perth band have established themselves as a staple in the Australian punk scene, bursting with energy and mischief. ‘Clarkson’ is a perfect example of Sly Withers’ knack for anthemic singalongs that never fail to hit you in the feels. The track builds up to a hard-hitting chorus with strong vocals and a distinct feeling of togetherness and mateship. The band shared their upcoming album is a snapshot of “all the conversations we’ve had or wished we’d had in each other’s back gardens”.

You made up your mind again/

Never really asked the questions/

A faulty connection has left you unstable/

We all get stuck here sometimes/

And I hope it takes us all night

For Fans Of: Violent Soho, Dear Seattle, Jimmy Eat World

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Plastic Face - 'BACK2TOKYO'

Sydney-based duo Plastic Face have followed on from their two 2020 singles with ‘BACK2TOKYO’. This truly unique track has a dark, haunting and alluring atmosphere and a mystiying music video to match. Plastic Face noted, “We’ve used Tokyo as a metaphorical state of mind in which is can be interpreted as going back to old relationships you know are toxic, putting up with some horrendous job, or trying to manage addictions.” Self-described as “telepathic DMT elves with a penchant for world domination through the medium of pop music”, Plastic Face are constantly pushing boundaries with their enigmatic electronic music.

When I got that love, I don’t want it/

When I got that love, I don’t need it/

Will I go back to Tokyo?

For Fans Of: Disclosure, Flight Facilities, RÜFÜS DU SOL

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Sam Marks - 'Tend To Yourself'

Sam Marks’ new single ‘Tend To Yourself’ is a gorgeous reverb-drenched reminder to prioritise self-care. ‘Tend To Yourself’ is overflowing with laid-back reggae grooves and husky vocals to transport you to a tropical oasis. As Sam Marks’ third single, ‘Tend To Yourself’ is a slight variation from his usual upbeat indie-rock. Sam Marks shared, “I hope you’re all able to connect with the song and it’s message. Particularly during, and subsequently, to this awful covid period.” Watch the music video for some light-hearted fun and a good laugh as Marks get his hands dirty in the backyard.

Lately you’ve been getting too restless in your skin/

Time to escape from within/

Can't you see/

This is what you need /

For Fans Of: Dope Lemon, Mako Road, Bootleg Rascal

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SAYAH - 'Fruit'

SAYAH is the Sydney singer-songwriter making "confessional pop tracks that make your mum blush". ‘Fruit’ is a shimmering pop track with stacks of attitude and vulnerability. SAYAH shared 'Fruit' is about "when you’ve got an insane connection with someone but you know they’re not good for you, so you try everything to move on including seeing new people. But no matter what, they’re always on your mind and it’s so freaking annoying!" As a trained jazz vocalist, SAYAH’s effortlessly sultry vocals really shine through on this glossy track.

It's not normal the way I say your name/

Just a taste in my mouth/

It's not the normal the way your face appears in my mind/

And I can't and I don’t wanna push it out/

For Fans Of: FKA Twigs, BANKS, Jorja Smith

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Ruby Fields - 'R.E.G.O'

It’s always a good week when Ruby Fields shares a new announcement. Following on from ‘Pretty Grim’ in 2020, Fields’ new track ‘R.E.G.O’ is the second single from her forthcoming album. In classic Ruby Fields fashion, ‘R.E.G.O’ is sentimental ode to lost youth and simpler times. Distorted electric guitars accompany Fields’ punchy vocals and nostalgic lyricism. After reminiscing on her first share house and the problems that occupied her mind, Fields "wanted to write this song to exist again in those moments”. 'R.E.G.O' is one of her best yet. To watch Fields going off the rails as a loose granny, check out the music video. You can grab tickets to the upcoming ‘License and Registration’ tour here.

Our parents raised us believing in love/

Mine stuck it out/

Yours gave it up/

But which was better?

For Fans Of: Alex Lahey, Alex the Astronaut, Tired Lion

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