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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: From Grimy Rock To Dreamy Atmospheres

In yet another unapologetic week of incredible Australian music, we have been gifted with a truly diverse assortment of new and established talent, varying in genres and sounds alike. This week, we feature our new favourite tracks ranging from intense and grimy rock, to the ethereal and otherworldly tracks! What do these songs all hold in common? Atmosphere! So sit back and get lost in the freshest tracks we have to offer!

The Dandys- ‘Good Life’

This week, The Dandys are celebrating the release of their debut single, ‘Good Life’, spreading their infectious energy to audiences far beyond their Meanjin home! The track marks a perfect introduction for the band, branding them with good vibes, refreshing energy, and of course, tantalizing alt-rock sounds. One element that is sure to become a signature for the group is their hypnotizing vocal performance. Deep and smooth, these vocals hold their own in a self-assertive manner that conjures up equal parts power, emotion, and escapism in their depth. Highlighting the diverse nature of the alt-rock sound, The Dandys have proven they are worth your next listen within their debut track!

For fans of: Spacey Jane, Eliza & The Delusionals, Holy Holy

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Dear Seattle- ‘Way Out’

Embarking on their latest musical chapter, Dear Seattle has started to release a string of new music to commemorate; and this week we were gifted with the incredible ‘Way Out’. Overarching riffs and echoing, dire vocals consume you and submerge you into the track. It is this very vocal performance, perfectly embodying an essence of fragility and vulnerability, that makes this track inarguably genuine and authentic. An anthemic and layered chorus presents an emotional branch to the listener, screaming the lyrics with them, rather than at them. Truly, ‘Way Out’ is the heart-wrenching, emotional belter we so desperately needed!

For fans of: Luca Brasi, Trophy Eyes, Slowly Slowly

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Beddy Rays- ‘On My Own’

Perfectly capturing the balance between vulnerability and viciousness, Beddy Rays have created ‘On My Own’- a marvelous feat of their personal songwriting whilst also being a mosh-inducing banger. Through thunderous drums and exquisitely intrusive riffs, Beddy Rays scurry into your very core to hit you with the real standout feature of the track- their ever-developing and deeply personal songwriting. In their signature style, ‘On My Own’ sheds light on the importance of looking after yourself and understanding what is best for you! Still oozing in their larrikin spirit, ‘On My Own’ is a heartwarming snapshot of the band’s ability to mix the light with the dark!

For fans of: Bugs, The Terrys, Teenage Joans

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Ivy Adara- ‘Want What I Can’t Have’

Molding the wide pop soundscape into one of her own, Ivy Adara’s latest track sees her blossom within her own individuality, putting an authentic twist on the pop sounds we all know and love. With her soft and dreamy vocals, ‘Want What I Can’t Have’ develops a melodic and ethereal soundscape that is both mesmerizing and comforting. With a major focus on production, Adara soars through different layers, melodies, and compositional aspects to create a unique and perfectly intertwining dynamic that brings the many layers of her abilities together. Through this, ‘Want What I Can’t Have’ shines with extra sparkle!

For fans of: Robinson, CXLOE, Delaney Jane

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Bellwether- ‘Charade’

Following their smashing debut, Bellwether is back with their intense energy and vibrant beats in their latest single ‘Charade’. In a slurry of fast drum beats and roaring guitars, Bellwether encases you in their musical world- one that is full of liveliness, fun, and of course, is defined by the loveable and hypnotizing pop-punk vocals of lead singer James Graham! Fluctuating intensities within the track means there is not a moment when you're not on your toes- every chorus and every verse often marks a new sound incoming! If this wasn't enough to love, the track goes further, using its lyrics to delve into the cult classic movie ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’, shifting the perspectives of a well-known character; "Charade’ is based on / inspired by the character Knives Chau. The song is told from her perspective" says Heath Joukadar. Talk about a fresh spin on past loves!

For fans of: Down For Tomorrow, Waxflower, The Dead Love

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MoZza- ‘Take Me By Surprise’

If one thing is guaranteed when listening to MoZza, it’s the fact they will transport you during the listening experience. Their latest single, ‘Take Me By Surprise’ proves no different, constructing an atmospheric and ethereal atmosphere for the listener to get lost in... and beyond. In a feat of pure artistry, the band works together, intertwining gliding guitars, angelic vocals, soft drum beats, and electronic aspects to create music that is equally infused with psychedelic and indie traits. True to the title of this track, MoZza has once again taken us by surprise, working with the gifts of their individualism and influence in order to create something truly unique.

For fans of: Gorillaz, Hallie, Supathick

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