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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Hand-picked Just For You

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

As we say goodbye to the long weekend, let these new Aussie tunes carry you back into the working week with style. Whether you feel like dancing or kicking back, we’ve got something just for you!

Ruby Gilbert - 'No Vacancy'

Brisbane songstress Ruby Gilbert’s new track ‘No Vacancy’ is already turning ears, rightfully earning a Queensland Music Awards nomination. Opening with Gilbert’s sultry vocals and acoustic guitar, ‘Vacancy’ develops layers of chilling instrumentation as it unfolds. Bass, trumpet, pounding percussion and slide guitar create a haunting aura of longing as Gilbert mourns a failed romance. Written about "the early stages of a romance and the inevitability of it coming to an end", this bluesy track has a gorgeous vintage feel.

My baby’s only got eyes for me/

But he's got his sights set on leaving/

And they say love is blind/

Whoever in their right mind would choose to leave

For Fans Of: Carla Geneve, Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin

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BOO SEEKA, Golding - 'Don't Waste Your Love'

BOO SEEKA and Golding have teamed up for an electro-pop anthem with a compellingly dark backstory. ‘Don’t Waste Your Love’ runs deeper than just the dancefloor, delving into feelings of emotional disconnect and social anxiety. Golding shared, “’Don’t Waste Your Love’ came about when I was going through a tough time. I was experiencing this uncomfortable anxiety that made me feel detached from both my surroundings and my emotions.” Written in twenty minutes following an unfiltered conversation between Jay (Golding) and Ben (BOO SEEKA), this track serves as a reminder to push past your fears to live in the present moment. Setting the scene with a party of mannequins, the video brilliantly captures the emptiness when the company of others does nothing to shake your loneliness. Keep your eyes peeled for new music coming from both BOO SEEKA and Golding this year.

Don't waste your love/

'Cause I can't feel a god damn thing/

Completely numb/

'Cause you touch your hands all over me, yeah

For Fans Of: Glass Animals, Chet Faker, RÜFÜS DU SOL

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COTTA - 'Didn't Call'

Melbourne-based singer songwriter COTTA has finally unveiled her stellar sophomore track ‘Didn’t Call’. COTTA made waves with her debut single ‘Better’, scoring comparisons to pop icon Dua Lipa. COTTA takes indie pop an infuses it with a touch of personal flair with authentic lyrics and an enrapturing sound. Inspired by the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship during COVID, 'Didn't Call' is sure to resonate with many. COTTA shared, “We try to FaceTime as much as possible to stay connected but he missed my call one night (through no fault of his, or his very old iPhone's, own) and I started humming this melody. This is no diss track, by any means - I'm very much in love - but I thought it was a cute take on what can happen if your call goes unanswered.” It’s safe to say COTTA’s music career is off to an incredible start and we can't wait to hear more!

I take charge of the moment/

I know what to do/

I’m my own muse/

I’m the star of the show while I'm thinking of you

For Fans Of: Meg Mac, Maggie Rogers, Sycco

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Sonny Grin, RISSA - 'The Rush'

Sonny Grin and RISSA have proved themselves to be a match made in heaven with their new collaboration ‘The Rush’. Prepare to be transported back to summer nights out with this feel-good track. Sonny Grin's trademark electronic grooves are elevated by RISSA’s gorgeous neo-soul vocals for an infectious dance track.

Sonny Grin shared, "'The Rush’ speaks about being in the moment, enjoying the journey and acknowledging the good times when they come. When I was writing this tune, I would close my eyes and think about the feeling of being a teenager on my way to a party, or at sunset pre-drinks with my closest mates." When hustle culture gets overwhelming, ‘The Rush’ reminds us to bask in the joy of life's little moments before they pass.

Please don’t hold me down tonight/

I'll be rolling out 'til the sun comes up/

If you think the feeling’s right/

Just say so, let yourself feel the rush

For Fans Of: KAYTRANDA, Jorja Smith, Flight Facilities

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The Buzzing Towers - 'Canopy'

Brisbane band The Buzzing Towers have unveiled their first drop of 2021. ‘Canopy’ is an energetic garage rock track just waiting to be played to a packed-out mosh. The Buzzing Towers have an authentic ‘Brisrock’ sound, easily comparable to bands like WAAX. Touching on the inspiration behind the track, the band shared "'Canopy' is about pushing beyond your limits. Finding the courage to swallow your pride in ‘scary’ crossroads we sometimes face in life and going for what you actually want." This track is sure to give you the hit of adrenaline you need to deal with whatever’s on your plate this week. You can catch The Buzzing Towers at their 'Canopy' single launch at Tomcat on April 30th.

Canopy, you're a little bit too far/

I do just fine on the edge/

Gotta be just a little bit less shy/

‘Cause if you climb then you'll see/

What's beyond the trees

For Fans Of: Skeggs, Bugs, WAAX

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The VANNS - 'Red Light'

The VANNS are back and better than ever with their infectious new track ‘Red Light’. ‘Red Light’ kicks things off with catchy riffs and groovy vocals and ends with an explosion of hard-hitting percussion and polished guitar work. Andrew Banovich (drums) shared, "I view ‘Red Light’ as a story of a "lack of control" state of being. Not everything is as it may seem, jumping to reactions may cause more harm than good.” Originating from South Coast NSW, The VANNS have established themselves as a household name in the Aussie rock scene over the past few years.

'Cause you caught the red light, sayin' goodnight/

'Cause we all get lonely, but not me/

And you either make it or you fake it/

We all get lonely, but not me

For Fans Of: Shag Rock, Death By Denim, Great Gable

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