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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Let's Hear It For The Girls

We’ve rounded up some serious girl power for this week’s Six Pack. From indie pop to riot grrrl punk, behold the leading ladies making waves in the Aussie music scene right now. Enjoy!

Tulliah - 'Okay'

‘Okay’ is a stand out track from Tulliah’s new debut EP Fre$h Hugs. Boasting talent and maturity beyond her years, Tulliah is a 19-year-old singer songwriter hailing from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. ‘Okay’ is an incredibly intimate track written about “just letting your friends know you’re there”. Sit back and listen to the waves of gorgeous folk vocals and ethereal instruments unfold before you. Grab tickets to Tulliah’s upcoming concerts in Sydney and Melbourne here.

I see the way you're drowning in waves, I will come save you now

Hey, my friend

If we sail today, I'll steer the way

I won't let you down

For Fans Of: Laurel, Aldous Harding, Phoebe Bridgers

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Joan & The Giants - 'Mother'

Perth based alt-pop group Joan & The Giants have blessed us with their first release in over a year. ‘Mother’ takes a nostalgic deep dive into the struggles of moving on from a relationship and all of the baggage that comes with it. This introspective track invites you to get lost in it’s emotionally vulnerable lyrics, captivating guitar and soaring vocals. This track was well worth the wait, giving us a peek into the group's more folksy side.

I knew your mother on a first name basis/

But I’ve forgotten what her name is/

I keep saying this is one of those phases/

Every grown up is faced with

For Fans Of: Daughter, Florence + The Machine, Maggie Rogers

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Kirsten Salty - 'Limbo'

‘Limbo’ is the latest offering from Sydney indie-pop queen Kirsten Salty. As her name suggests, Kirsten Salty brings stacks of style, attitude and confidence to the table. ‘Limbo’ features flawless retro production, clever lyricism and glittering effects. Kirsten Salty shared, “Limbo is about a period that I like to call ‘the question mark phase’. This can be in a relationship, friendship, work, family drama… it’s that time when you’re unsure and not on the same page". This track colourfully captures the frustration and confusion you feel when you don’t know where you stand with someone.

For Fans Of: Sycco, MAY-A, Nyxen

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The Vovos - 'Temporary Solution'

The Vovos are the 5-piece girl group from Melbourne reviving feminist punk with authenticity and tenacity. Featured as an Unearthed High artist, this young band is a force to be reckoned with. Like all good punk, ‘Temporary Solution’ details the relatable struggles of everyday life with edgy and unapologetic lyrics. This track will have you grinning from ear to ear with it’s unmistakably Australian references. If you ever need a strangely specific song to soundtrack your trip to the local grocery store on a hot day, this is it.

Going down to the local IGA/

Feel the sweat dripping down my back /

I shouldn't have worn jeans today/

Its 38 degrees outside

For Fans Of: The Beths, Ruby Fields, Voiid

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Oh Bailey - ‘Stuck Up’

Brisbane electronic-pop artist Oh Bailey has come through with a new track to help you dance through your heartbreak. ‘Stuck Up’ explores the daunting challenge of moving on from your first relationship when your comfort zone is no longer in reach. Oh Bailey shared, “It’s about how no matter how much you’ve gone through together good or bad, you can’t stop loving them.” The track bubbles up to a chorus of synth-driven bliss perfect for lovers of The 1975. Brisbane fans can catch Oh Bailey at the Tomcat on March 27th for a free single launch show.

I've wasted so much time/

But I stay and say it's fine/

I'd love to face this life/

But it hurts so I stay for a while

For Fans Of: Maggie Rogers, The 1975, Beabadoobe

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Marbee - 'Music Box'

Marbee is an Indonesian-born acoustic-pop artist currently based in Melbourne. Her latest release ‘Music Box’ reflects on nostalgic childhood memories and the importance of nurturing your playful spirit as you grow older. Marbee shared, “the repetitive melody imitates the cyclical tone of the music box, evoking the protective, albeit fragile shelter of human relations, as well as the enchanting and lulling attraction of music in its simplest mechanical form”. Marbee’s soft vocals have a raspy edge to pair perfectly with her playful use of xylophone. Marbee’s flawless attention to detail in this track does not go unnoticed.

For Fans Of: Bjork, Hole, Dido

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