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LivewireAU's Six Pack: More Aussie Magic For Your Weekend

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

There's nothing better than new music and Australian artists always have plenty of it. Take a few minutes out from pretending to do assignments or convincing yourself this is the weekend you'll finally get into meal prep, and instead treat yourself to a few of these.

BANTA. & Ivoris - Bruise

BANTA & Ivoris team up for a track that is practically on its hands and knees begging for festivals to come back. Ivoris’ vocals slide all over the track, as the tracks defining lyrics ‘you are the sweetest bruise’ reverberate over the effortlessly cinematic production. The lyrics dig into the everlasting debate of when to hold on and when to let go of a relationship that is falling apart, it might be a debate that will never be settled, but ‘Bruise’ is an extremely worthwhile addition to the soundtrack of our internal romantic grapples.

Kiyanosh - 4BAR4 ft. Stoyan

Kiyanosh and Stoyan trade bars like stocks over psychedelic jazz hip-hop production and you’d be risking at least a misdemeanour if you don’t tap your foot to it. The 90s-esque bars are accompanied by a furiously shot music video that is dripping with creativity. The track was produced and mixed by the extremely talented h.eund and the beat is seriously sick. The production sounds like a runaway train that somehow ends up at the perfect stop and the chemistry between the two rappers make it hard not to instantly hit replay.

Sammm. - Faye

They say class is temporary, but angst in permanent. Sammm. brings the angst on ‘Faye’ but its far from a gimmick and slips beautifully in between some heartfelt songwriting and lucid, guitar heavy instrumentation. As the track erupts into explosive chords, you can almost picture the mid 2000s music video. Band members killing on stage in tattered suits, intercut with a montage of a hotel room being trashed and at least one unnecessarily included exotic animal. Sammm.’s vocals are really perfect for his brand of music and this track really sneaks up on you as a seriously good piece of music.

The Tiger & Me - Bring Your Heartbeat Down

The cover art creates an instant image for ‘Bring Your Heartbeat Down’, this image is soon sonically brought to life by an exceptional collage of piano chords, teetering vocals and dancing strings. As the chorus comes in you can almost feel the sky full of stars forming above you, you might feel as though as you’re about to make eye contact across a room with the person you always meant to be with. Even at almost 6 minutes long, the track doesn’t overstay its welcome whatsoever and if you don’t listen to this while driving home from the beach during a sunset, then you’re really only sabotaging your own happiness.

Jamila Grace - just friends

Jamila Grace’s sultry debut single ‘I Like U’ has now been accompanied by a stunning follow up with ‘just friends’. The release is yet to hit streaming yet but can be heard on Unearthed below. The emotion really shines through here, you can almost feel yourself staring on the window on a long bus ride, not sure exactly where you want to get off. Jamila’s lyrics dig into the frustratingly cyclical nature of a relationship starved of communication, but also allows the other side of the story to be told with a gorgeous guest feature rapped by Ted Bear. The exasperation channels right through the vocals and it's just a genuinely moving performance. I can’t help but have that feeling that in a few years I might just be bragging about how early I heard of Jamila Grace.

Angelo the Poet - FWM

A smooth R&B hook with some bars to match will never get old and this one sounds fresh as ever. With almost G-Funk-esque synths cutting through the production and D’Angelo adjacent grooves squirming inside the baseline, the canvas is perfectly laid for Angelo to paint pictures all over it. You can feel a bit of Ja Rule or Fabolous coming through on this one as well Angelo pleads for some level headedness and reasoning in a relationship that isn’t making sense. The hook is complete honey and transitions perfectly into the brooding raps, definitely one for the late night drives.



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