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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Our Favourite New Tracks!

The end of the year is drawing near, but that doesn't mean the new music stops! Our favourite local artists are showing no signs of slowing down and are continuing to leave us in awe of their fantastic talents! Take a look at some of the tracks that could soon be soundtracking your summer!

Trophy Eyes- ‘Bittersweet’

Off the back of their latest, hard-hitting single ‘27 Club’, Trophy Eyes have shifted the trajectory, releasing some of their most experimental work to date in the form of ‘Bittersweet’. In its presentation, this track takes a lighter turn, no longer surrounded by drowning drums and forceful guitars, but skillfully embedded instrumentation that sees the track float upon a wave of gentleness. Despite this, the track still holds that signature Trophy Eyes emotion that not only creates a story in each track but creates an intense connection through sharing experiences and feelings.

There are no rules in love. I know this now but for my teenage self, that was too much to comprehend. Bittersweet is a song about feeling someone slowly slip away, and the cathartic, long-winded conversations said in total silence- sometimes with just a single expression. My first taste of adult life was a bitter introduction to how familiar I would come to be with loneliness.” says John Floreani

For fans of: Stand Atlantic, Between You & Me, Columbus

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Highline’- ‘Shy Today’

Through their extensive catalog of music that has been released in 2021, Highline has proven that their emotional capabilities extend beyond this world! With a single note or a simple sentence uttered, this band has the ability to hit you with full force, packing an emotional punch through every moment. This remains true for one of their latest singles, ‘Shy Today’, a melancholic and captivating journey through the band’s intimate and outstanding songwriting. Smooth, vulnerable, and genuine vocals lead this song into a world of feeling, only amplified by the instrumentation filled with intention and purpose. ‘Shy Today’ is yet another slice of Highline’s incredible artistry.

For fans of: Beddy Rays, The Terrys, Angus and Julia Stone

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Tamara & the Dreams- ‘St Kilda Beach’

Unlike anything you've heard before, Tamara & the Dreams are here to take you away into their whimsical and otherworldly soundscape with ‘St Kilda Beach’. Distorted and unpredictable, the track keeps you on your toes, never too sure if the direction will change entirely. Their unique vocal performance is aided by fluctuating moments of isolation to heavy layering, creating a beautiful array of auditory dynamics that surround you. Through its soulful and echoey presentation, ‘St Kilda Beach’ creeps its way into your listening world, making it seem like you're present in the mysterious place this track is being performed in. Tamara & the Dreams have truly created a dream you want to get lost in!

For fans of: Sweater Curse, Moaning Lisa, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

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Fomi- ‘Found It’

Fomi’s latest track, ‘Found It’, is a mesmerizing release from the unique and captivating Brisbane-orientated musician. We are first introduced to soft and delicate vocals that glide upon a hooking bass line, creating an ethereal mix of lightness and calm energy. The track then propels you into a kaleidoscope of sonic sounds within the chorus, creating a seamless transition between the two shifting energies. As ‘Found It’ continues to build up, the listener follows a gradual progression to something bigger. In a feat of clever artistry, the changes go unnoticed in a seamless transition, but hits hardest when the track reaches its peak. Showing off many angles of Fomi’s talents, ‘Found It’ is an irresistible listen!

For fans of: Sycco, Vera Blue, Alice Ivy

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Great Gable- ‘Another’

Just in time for summer, Great Gable has gifted us with a single to immerse ourselves in! ‘Another’ sees the band show off their well-established sound and craft, culminating in a track that holds everything we love about Great Gable! ‘Another’ holds a relaxed feeling that is conjured up in perfectly placed instrumentals and an all-encompassing good energy that radiates from every moment of the song. It is quite simply the auditory encapsulation of escapism, good vibes, and an overwhelming sense of comfort. It’s already December, so start listening to this summer anthem now!

For fans of: Lime Cordiale, Hockey Dad, Bootleg Rascal

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Alta Falls- ‘The Fire’

Straight from the caldron of bubbling sounds and irresistible influences, Alta Falls and their familiar yet unique sound has made the perfect recipe again- this time in the form of their track ‘The Fire’. Dire vocals glide upon a hypnotic beat, making for an intense listening experience! ‘The Fire’ is a track that shows off Alta Falls’ style effortlessly, with their take on modern alternative intertwining with the influences of the past, embedding a sense of nostalgia within their freshest hits. With punching drums as the cherry on top, ‘The Fire’ is almost too hot!

For fans of: MAMI, Corbu, Mitch Bag

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