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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Six New Tracks To Round Off Your March Listening

It has been an epic month of new local music! From the pop-rock to the indie spheres, talent has been showcased through new and exciting ways that prove once again that our Australian music scene is expansive and never fails to impress. If you found it hard to keep up with all the new releases, we have compiled six of our favourites just in case you missed them! Take a listen!

Saint Lane- ‘3:33’

Saint Lane’s newest release, ‘3:33’ is an immediately cozy track that leaves you engaged and feeling for its whole duration. Laced with charm and comfort, it takes its form as a feat of alt-rock storytelling that is not intrusive but is still wildly effective. ‘3:33’ is an open and vulnerable track that doesn't demand sympathy, but gains it through its palpable connection, sense of self, and charming humour. Soft instrumentals place the smooth, honey-like vocals of Saint Lane at the forefront, making them a sheer delight to listen to. It is a perfect listen at 3:33, and every time beyond.

For fans of: Gang of Youths, Tasman Keith, Allday

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Days Like These- ‘Icon’

Days Like These's new single ‘Icon’ is an immediate earworm that documents the inspired crossover of 2010s pop-punk and sophisticated, jazz-like glam to create a creative, unheard, and unmissable track from the band. The chorus is all-consuming- whether it be the high vocals or the repeated lines that are so easy to chant. This section particularly is one you will remember for many listens to come. ‘Icon’ is glamorous and refined, even within its more brutal screaming arrangements, and demonstrates a distinct sophistication of Days Like These's craft while also creating a track that is so fun and so catchy!

For fans of: Windwaker, Belle Haven, Diamond Construct

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Nathan Cavaleri- ‘Querencia’

Sultry and smooth, Nathan Cavaleri has created a track that is inherently dark, grueling, and mysterious. Above all, ‘Querencia’ is an eye-opening combination of sounds and expressions that are intriguing and suspenseful. In this echoing chamber of sound, the layers are entrancing and capturing, laying the foundations of this track’s charm and otherworldliness. The chant-like chorus aims to bring a level of proximity to this song, and still lets it hit home in the heartstrings from our very own speakers.

For fans of: The Teskey Brothers, The Strokes, The Brave

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marigolden- ‘mars’

Sometimes, feelings permeate through the song enough to touch us emotionally upon the first listen. ‘mars’ is a tender exploration of marigolden’s most profound and most internal thoughts without being exclusive or unwelcoming. A warmth radiates from her beautifully curated storytelling, perfectly paced and rising with intent and impotence. The indie rock energy encapsulates this track with a delicacy, but so too, with an emotional power that leads to a wreckage of feeling and emotion.

For fans of: Sputnik Sweetheart, 90ivy, Hope D

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RedHook- ‘Imposter’ (featuring Yours Truly)

As another new music month has hit us, we have been honored to hear a collaboration between two powerhouse female voices within the Australian music scene in the form of RedHook and Yours Truly. Together, they have united to create an anthem of self-worth, and escaping the unknowns within your own life of familiarity. An overwhelming sensory experience is built upon within this pop-punk belter, coming through via layers of techy instrumentals and sounds. Alongside the dire and passionate vocals of Mack and Delgado, a spinning and swirling world of insanity is built, emulating the feelings and experiences discussed. ‘Imposter’ is another stellar addition to what is shaping up to be an incredibly eye-opening debut album from RedHook.

For fans of: Tonight Alive, Between You & Me, Cassyette

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Bella Amor- ‘Sentimental’

‘Sentimental’ is an instantly iconic pop tune that has self-assuredness, confidence, and power embedded within its very soul. By doing this, Bella Amor has created an empowering anthem of moving forward and knowing one’s self-worth. A groovy beat that entices from the start will capture you in a head bop for the entirety of the track- an inescapable funk that you truly cannot shake. Amor’s smooth vocals range through the motions and have a deeply intriguing effect. She continues to charm with a vocal flair that provides sass, character, and individuality, making the track not only enjoyable but unique!

For fans of: Charli XCX, Nyassa, Grenade Jumper

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