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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: The Best From Australia's Brightest Rising Stars

This week we've got a bunch of new faces in our spotlight, bringing some fresh tunes for you to discover. Have a listen to these six tracks - and who knows - you might just find your latest obsession!

EGOISM - 'Here's The Thing'

The Sydney duo craft a lovely little up-tempo indie-pop number with an irresistible hook. This latest track from their upcoming EP 'On Our Minds' also features a sweet music video, in which Scout and Olive sing their song in a dark room amongst suspended shards of broken glass. That smashed glass is just as real as the passionate lyrics and vocal performances that the duo provide in this sentimental track.

for fans of:  LANY, Mallrat, Hatchie

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Bohifale - 'Parasols'

Singer-songwriter/actor Lawrence Ola a.k.a. Bohifale (pronounced 'Bowie-Fah-Leh') has a stunning deep voice, with which he croons over a spacey, downtempo instrumental. His lyrics also impress, with fantastic use of simile and imagery in this poignant track about "the feeling of disappointment and the ambiguity of what happens after these emotions dissipate".

for fans of: Rag'n'Bone Man, Joji

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Alanna Vullo - 'We Fall'

The second release from this 17-year old singer features smooth R&B vocals over glossy electronic production. It's got a show-stopping chorus and some thought-provoking lyrics about fate, destiny and timing. "You know, that feeling when things happen too quickly or not quickly enough", says Vullo, "and you feel like you’ve just stepped into a chaotic waterfall of your own thoughts."

for fans of:  Eves Karydas, The Weeknd, BANKS, H.E.R.

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Azim Zain and His Lovely Bones - 'Punk Don't Pay The Bills'

It's a realisation that we've all sadly had to make at some point in our lives, but that isn't stopping Canberra-based Azim Zain and his band. With driving electric guitars and pounding drums, it's packed with enough raw energy to support the emotional performance of Zain. Punk may not pay the bills, but that doesn't mean we love it any less.

for fans of:  The Hard Aches, Joyce Manor, The Smith Street Band

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Your Familiar - 'Cluster Lover'

This debut single introduces us to Your Familiar, the Brisbane trio who describe themselves as "f*cked up SPOOKY". 'Cluster Lover' is exactly that; it's an artsy-pop song with a pretty unsettling atmosphere created by swelling synths, ethereal vocals and an eerie echoed spoken word passage right in the midst of all of it.

for fans of:  St. Vincent, Glass Animals

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Sarah Jane - 'Marry'

'Marry' is a highlight from Sarah Jane's latest album Tainted Timeline, the second full length release in just over a year from the singer-songwriter. It's got the kind of grungy energy that sounds straight out of the 90s, with the classic soft verse loud chorus formula building into a huge climax at the end.

for fans of:  Hole, Silverchair, Killing Heidi

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