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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Supporting Aussie Music - Now and Always

These past few days have shed a spotlight on Aussie music, not merely with the incredible releases of the past weeks, but with the annual Aus music t-shirt day, encouraging fans to wear their favourite pieces of merch with pride and donate to their favourite artists. You already know that the Livewire team was decked out in all Aus music clothing! Support goes a long way, so why not check out and support these fresh, new tracks!

Andy Martin- ‘Dreamworld’

Adding to his diverse collection of soundscapes, Andy Martin’s latest single, ‘Dreamworld’ provides the perfect weekend refresher. Through a tantalizing indie-pop tune, Martin fosters an inescapable sense of high impact and highly enjoyable energy. Together, the fast drum beats and invigorating chorus (which takes the reins with its clever lyrics and hypnotizing presentation), ‘Dreamworld’ is not merely an easy listen, but is the result of Andy Martin creating an experience alongside his sound world. Swirling guitars continue to soar toward the end of the song, finishing off the track with just as much energy as it began with.

For fans of: Sam Fender, Cub Sport, Dermont Kennedy

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Annie Hamilton- ‘Electric Night’

Known for her mesmerizing tracks and flourishing individuality, Annie Hamilton has once again created a beautiful piece of art- this time in the form of her latest single, ‘Electric Night’. Simply put, ‘Electric Night’ sees Hamilton transport the track beyond the speaker, into an ethereal and otherworldly soundscape. Through this, the track fosters an alien yet comforting atmosphere; a beautiful juxtaposition that is no stranger to Hamilton’s craft. Effortlessly guiding us through the track, ‘Electric Night’ is composed of beautifully soft vocals with complementary instrumentation that creates a song of unforced emotion, allowing it to seep into you at its own pace and leave its mark differently upon each listen.

For fans of: Hayley Mary, Moaning Lisa, CLEWS, Mazzy Star

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Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers- ‘Miss Your Birthday’

Channeling their intense and outspoken energy for another 2021 banger, Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers have just dropped ‘Miss Your Birthday’. Inviting drum beats and anthemic choruses make this track impossible to escape, filling you with an insatiable need for more (the only attempt of quenching this comes from hitting that repeat button)! Unapologetically themselves, the band has created their own style- the smooth and deep vocals, layered instrumentation, and most importantly, a sense of raw emotion and angst- all of which come together to create a refreshing and loveable sound. Teen Jesus truly comes to life in this latest single!

For fans of: Teenage Joans, The Buoys, WAAX

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Future Haunts- ‘Old Rope’

Future Haunts have made 2021 their year, releasing their highly anticipated EP ‘I Can’t Change The Way You Change’. In an impressive six-song feat, the band has truly lived up to the hype, delivering raw and emotive songs that are submerged in the band’s authenticity and individuality. Of particular note is the opening track, ‘Old Rope’. Through grimy distortion and guitar haze, the vocals force their way through the fog to utter their truths surrounding the devaluation of music and arts. In a beautiful balance between important messages and skillful composition, Future Haunts demonstrate that one is not greater than the other, making sure their songs don’t just say something, but are heard! Yet another prime example of the band’s outspoken commentary and use of music as a vessel, ‘Old Rope’ is an impressive standalone track, as well as a crisp EP opener.

For fans of: Concrete Surfers, Fragile Animals, TOWNS

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The Faim- ‘Ease My Mind’

Marking a return after their show-stopping 2019 album, The Faim is quickly making waves again with their latest release, ‘Ease My Mind’. Picking up right where they left off, ‘Ease My Mind’ is catchy, emotive, and loveable. Soaring on an ethereal plane are the vocals of frontman Josh- authentic and unique, they add a new layer to their ever-evolving alt-rock sound, always keeping them one step ahead of the rest. Towards the end of this track is where the instruments really shine through, culminating in a heavy and layered expression of all the band has to offer. Working in perfect harmony, every element of The Faim works together to elevate and bring the track to the next level. ‘Ease My Mind’ has surely eased our minds about what is next for the Perth band.

For fans of: Badflower, Between You & Me, Palaye Royale

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Waxflower- ‘Soak’

After their spectacular EP ‘We Might Be Alright’, Waxflower is adding to the 2021 collection with their latest single ‘Soak’. Infused with high-energy pop-punk sensibilities, Waxflower has shown off another side to their growing artistry. Angsty, vibrant, and emotive, the band channel their storytelling through their encapsulating soundscape and authentic lyrics- all of which have become a signature feature for the band. ‘Soak’ is yet another impressive chapter in the Waxflower story, proving they are not slowing down and they have even more styles to discover and make their own.

For fans of: The Dead Love, Down For Tomorrow, Stuck Out

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