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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Spring Sensations

There’s never been a better time for other-worldly, enriching escapisms! Whether it be through the irresistible earworms of all-or-nothing ballads, or the personal emotion submerged within the soundscape of alt-rock, these songs hold an energy that takes you elsewhere! So take a listen, and escape the four walls (safely and legally) with these fresh tracks!

Sam Allen - ‘Too Late’

An all-encompassing four minutes of sincerity and tender feeling, Sam Allen pours every ounce of emotion into his latest single ‘Too Late’. Not a second passes where this track fails to capture, to move, and to inspire. Approaching with an essence of minimalism, the thoughtful instrumentals point a shining light toward Allen’s mesmerizing vocals; emotive, ethereal, and earth-shattering. As ‘Too Late’ progresses, it certainly proves that it's never too late to capture the audience, as each second passing becomes more enthralling than the last. The energy that radiates from this track is more than magic, but is a feeling of pure connection.

For fans of: Matt Corby, Gang of Youths, Jeff Buckley

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Hallie - ‘Lip Balm’

There is nothing quite like a breakup anthem, a hand to hold through the tumultuous and troublesome times. But none come quite as helpful as the obscure and offbeat, which just so happens to be the defining feature of Hallie’s latest project, ‘Lipbalm’! Through her signature style that offers a gentle yet unique approach to vocals, it’s hard not to be swooned by the infectious sound and inspiring melodies. More than this, Hallie embeds ‘Lip Balm’ with her incredible storytelling prowess, building a connection based on one of the most universal experiences, despite it still being a personal and unique tale- which is certainly the mark of a true storyteller.

If that wasn’t enough, take a look at the world-building experience of her Kath and Kim inspired music video!

For fans of: Taylor Swift, beabadoobee, Stella Donnelly

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Eloelo - ‘Teenage Movie’

In only the second release from Brisbane’s Eloelo, ‘Teenage Movie’ captures and creates a memorable musical journey that will certainly leave you a fan of what’s to come! With a sound of beautifully restrained vocals that juxtapose a vibrant, dancey, alt-rock beat, it is hard not to become entranced by this perfectly mismatched style. Beyond the dynamic sound, Eloelo tells a story submerged in realization.

“I was envying the simplicity of falling in love and creating a life with someone within the timespan of a film”.

We may not have the love of film, but at least we have a soundtrack for it!

For fans of: Eliza and the Delusionals, Thelma Plum, Tessa Violet

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Atlas and the Attic - ‘Hyperfocus’

Upon their latest EP, ‘Impossible Stories’, Atlas and the Attic submerged their song style in sincerity, infusing their sound with a focus on unity, discussing doubts, and a desire for change. The EP opener, ‘Hyperfocus’ is not merely an introduction to the newest body of work, but embodies the band’s style and newfound sense of musical direction. Molding influences of early pop-punk alongside the modern realm of guitar pop, Atlas and the Attic fosters a nostalgia among the new, creating a musical world that is both familiar and unique. Comforting, truthful, and open, ‘Hyperfocus’ is a taste into the emotional vulnerability and genuine craftsmanship of Atlas and the Attics’ ‘Impossible Stories’, which is now available in full!

For fans of: Powderfinger, Gang of Youths, John Mayer

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The Money War - ‘Miles Away’

This melancholic, indie-rock tune shimmers in an ethereal goldness. Embodying the definitions of relaxed, subtle, but powerful, ‘Miles Away’ builds up an atmosphere through its simplicity, creating a moment of serenity upon listening. Complimentary and guiding, the instrumental performance paves stepping stones for the glistening vocals, which are irresistibly smooth and glistening.

“Miles Away’ is about being disconnected from somebody that you love - in more of an emotional way than the literal sense. It’s about that disheartening feeling you have when somebody close to you doesn’t seem to be on the same page or can’t understand your perspective on things.”

Escape with the equally eye-catching music video!

For fans of: Middle Kids, Alabama Shakes, Foxygen

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ILUKA - ‘Get Free’

For its duration and well beyond, ‘Get Free’ truly captures you with a slice of momentary bliss, lightness, and infectious joy. With bouncy and pop-inspired energy, ‘Get Free’ becomes an intrusive but loveable earworm that is sure to get you moving! The surging synths, courageous vocals, and that hint of 2000’s nostalgia have created a recipe for the perfect uplifting tune, a spectacular moment of auditory bliss and much-needed escapism. With a touch of class that radiates from the funkiness, producer Aron Forbes (Billie Eilish, Halsey) can be found behind some of the craftsmanship!

For fans of: Banks, CHVRCHES, Halsey

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