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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Timely Treats To Soundtrack Your Silly Season!

The end of the year may be drawing near, but that doesn't mean the new tunes have stopped! This month, some of our favourite local artists have been delivering their best work yet, just in time to soundtrack our summer and celebrations. It’s been an incredible year for Australian music, but it’s certainly not over yet, so take a listen to these fresh tracks- you never know what you might unwrap!

Coconut Cream- ‘Safety Net’

Coconut Cream are no strangers to world creation, and their latest track ‘Safety Net’ has seen them excel even further, creating an otherworldly tune for our unworthy ears. The entrancing vocals of the band are both delicate and soothing, holding an inherent calmness that allows any listener to completely fade away into the track. Aided by the subtle yet expressive instrumentation, ‘Safety Net’ is forceful in its own unique way, saying all it needs to through its comfortable approach and heart-warming presentation. Working in perfect harmony, Coconut Cream proves that their unmatched connection and prowess within their craft is the perfect recipe to create these transcendent and timeless tunes!

For fans of: The Buoys, Carla Geneve, Ruby Fields

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Satin Cali- ‘Fool’

‘Fool’ adds to Satin Cali’s growing catalog of irresistible tracks, leaving their mark with their immense passion and loveable, grungy sound. Shimmering with emotional depth and an authentic connection, ‘Fool’ gathers its truths through a retelling of love, leaving, and living with the choices we make. The band’s ability to hone in on universal moments with a personal flair has, and continues to, build their intense listener connection, making their songs all the more infectious. The track holds a perfect mixture of the gritty and the refined, emphasizing a quirky air of perfectionism that comes with the quintessential surf rock sound. Closing off their incredible year with another bang, ‘Fool’ is set to dominate Satin Cali’s upcoming live scene!

For fans of: The Terrys, Highline, Beddy Rays

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Sesame Girl- ‘Leave’

There is nothing quite like the feeling of comfort, particularly the comfort that comes through auditory airwaves, softly whispering to us through our speakers. In the latest single, ‘Leave’, Sesame Girl has nailed this feeling, creating a track we simply cannot get enough of. Comforting and inviting, ‘Leave’ is a warm ray of sunlight poking out within the darkest and dreariest of moments. The delicate vocals and effortless presence creates a natural energy- its unforced nature fostering a feeling of glistening purity and otherworldliness throughout the track.

For fans of: Moaning Lisa, Julia Stone, Eliza & The Delusionals

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Mizuki- ‘How Far We’ve Come’

Colourful, poppy and vibrant, Mizuki bundles up good energy and good vibes into her latest single, ‘How Far We’ve Come’. The smooth and encapsulating beats take away the track with ease, leading you into a whirlwind of fresh sounds and exciting instrumental feats. This sweet and simple essence allows Mizuki’s endearing vocals to take center stage- a culmination of the many influences that have shaped her music career to date! With her showstopping emotional performance and heartfelt presence transcending through the track, 'How Far We've Come' is truly mesmerizing.

For fans of: Lucy Lucy, BANKS, Aurora

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Haiku Hands- ‘Conclusions’

Haiku Hands are no strangers to making a banger, and ‘Conclusions’ proves no different. With their admirable individuality and inspiring disregard for creative restrictions, their latest single sees the project weave together beautiful chaos, ending in a feat of artistry that is sure to wear out your repeat button. With deep beats, haunting vocals, and a flurry of cleverly crafted sounds and musical movements, there is so much to love in this track! The only conclusion we can draw is that ‘Conclusions’ will leave you dancing for hours!

For fans of: Cub Sport, Alice Ivy, Confidence Man

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Gretta Ray- ‘It’s Almost Christmas In Philly’

It would be wrong of us to put together our last six pack of the year and not include a Christmas-inspired tune. Luckily, Gretta Ray has given us the perfect track to use- none other than her shimmering anthem ‘It’s Almost Christmas in Philly’. Like all the best seasonal songs, Gretta pours her heart into the track, crafting an emotion so heavy that it’s almost tangible. Her unique and delicate vocals soar, once again proving her status as one of Australia’s most loved acts. With authenticity, emotion, and connection, Ray’s track is perfect for those somber Christmas moments.

For fans of: Eves Karydas, Tia Gostelow, Vera Blue

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