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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Tracks To Help You Cross The 2020 Finish Line

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We’re almost there. This notorious year is soon to be in our rearview mirror as we speed toward what we desperately hope is a less pandemic themed 2021 (fingers crossed). So to celebrate, we’ve cherry picked six fresh tracks to help you cross that finish line. No time to waste!

HANNI - ‘Golden Eyes’

This little nugget of indie-pop is brought to you by Brisbane songstress HANNI, the talented 18 year old gifting us with her third single from this year. Written about not seeing the flaws in someone that you love, ‘Golden Eyes’ is measured and restrained, allowing us to submerge in HANNI’s glistening vocals without drowning in an overbearing pop sound. A soothing tune to accompany you as you wash off the negativity of this year and face new beginnings with some pop-pep in your step.

For Fans of: Sasha Sloan, Mallrat, Alice Ivy, Eves Karydas

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Little Green - 'The Night'

‘The Night’ is an ethereal indie-pop tune that fosters reflection and is therefore a quintessential six-pack addition as we work on building a brighter future. Little Green, the alter-ego of Sydney singer/songwriter, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer Amy Nelson, takes us on an out-of-body experience with this track, written from an alien’s perspective as they look down on earth and observe us and the mess we have made. Wielding the flute as her weapon of choice, ‘The Night’ is a stunning exploration of experimental pop through instrumental maturity, powerful vocals and beautiful production. Let ‘The Night’ whisk you away from the craziness of this silly season as you reflect on what’s really important.

For Fans of: Tash Sultana

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Munchy Dolphin - ‘Summertime’

This indie-folk song by fresh-faced new Australian band Munchy Dolphin immediately conjures up images of swimmers, sunburn, swinging off rope swings into secluded lakes, the deafening sound of cicadas, spontaneous nature walks and mosquito bites. Aptly titled ‘Summertime’, this feel-good tune will slot nicely into your laid-back, heatwave-avoiding listening. With all the ingredients of a chirpy folk groove, surprisingly powerful lead vocals and cheeky electric guitar riffs give this track a memorable edge.

For Fans of: Verge Collection, Pierce Brothers, The Dreggs, Angus and Julia Stone, The Teskey Brothers, Lime Cordiale, Passenger

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STUMPS - ‘I’ve Had Enough’

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Sydney indie rock trio STUMPS have perfectly summed up 2020 with this super-fun, bop-tastic tune that will have you boogying right into the new year. A downright amusing blend of pop and rock, ‘I’ve Had Enough’ is contagious, shout-inducing and will go hand-in-hand with any environment that includes friends and bevs. A great intro to their recently released debut album All Our Friends, STUMPS are a clear advocate for laughter being the best medicine.

For Fans of: Trophy Eyes, Dear Seattle, RAT!hammock, Bugs, Vampire Weekend

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Crystal Cities - ‘Shadow of a Doubt’

Sydney-based alternative dream-rock band, Crystal Cities, have delivered an energetically ominous track exploring the darker side of human nature. Written after lead singer Geoff was denied entrance into the US while on tour, ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ is about the two weeks he spent stuck in Canada, “having no real sense of commitment, time, place or idea of how and when I was going to get back to Australia.” An example of just one of many strange occurrences that people have faced this past year, this track provides alt-rock fans with an easy listen, brimming with Crystal Cities essential moody guitar tones, contagious melodies and husky vocals.

For Fans of: The War On Drugs, The National, The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, Early U2

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MADAM3EMPRESS - ‘Come On Over’

Starting her debut at the end of 2020, MADAM3EMPRESS delivers huge vocals in this electronic blend of hip-hop and soul. Sydney-born South African artist Shanae Masters (aka MADAM3EMPRESS) creates music inspired by her deep roots in Gospel music and Cape-Townian Jazz, mixed with her love for Neo-Soul, RnB and Hip-Hop. Her uncompromising creative vision and unwavering confidence radiates from debut single 'Come On Over', her alluring voice over the seductive beat giving us all the soul and confidence we need to push us across that 2020 finish line.

For Fans of: Sampa The Great, SZA, Sade, Jorja Smith

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