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LivewireAU's Sixpack: Send Off The New Year With These Soaring Summer Anthems

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

As the year draws to a close, we are called to commemorate the fantastic local releases that have graced us, as well as the International releases that have been gifted upon our shores. However, the year is not over just yet, and there is still time to give our attention to the latest and greatest releases! This final six-pack of the year includes a variety of tracks that are sure to set your new year right. Whether they are soundtracking your final moments bundled up with friends by the fireworks, or the perfect anthem to blast while driving to the coast- these are the heartwarming anthems to set your new year in a great direction. The clock is ticking to listen to these bangers!

Sputnik Sweetheart- ‘Still Water’

Sputnik Sweetheart’s latest track, ‘Still Water’, is a tender dive into monotony that flips the lens of dreariness through the band’s playful approach to the average and everyday experiences. Whimsical guitar and the delicate vocals of Nette transform this track into an instantaneous summer anthem. Its refreshing nature is one that cleanses the mind and soul, making it an easy listen for those poolside ventures, relaxing in the cool, and taking a moment to reflect- whether the past few months have been filled with highs or lows. ‘Still Water’ is a beautifully addictive addition to the band’s stellar feats of the year- a year that has seen them perform multiple live shows and land various radio and tv slots. But more so, it asserts Sputnik Sweetheart’s unwavering creativity and undying appeal. ‘Still Water’ is a reflective track sure to anthem the year passed, and the year to come.

For fans of: Bakers Eddy, The Buoys, Sophisticated Dingo

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Kaiser Cheifs- ‘How 2 Dance’

Immediately entrancing with a groovy beat, ‘How 2 Dance’ is an instantaneous earworm that conjures both a fondness of the past and respect for the new sound explorations of the band. Laced with a certain aura of confidence, the track is an audible representation of a smirk, a smugness that holds hands with cheekiness and energy. Kaiser Cheifs successfully tackle the notion of alt-pop and go further to renew it with their own years of experience and musical identity. Through this, a mix of nostalgic electronic influences mingles with present and well-developed vocals to create pop perfection and a track that is sure to get you moving. ‘How 2 Dance’ is a must-play at your own New Years' Eve shindig, and for many nights coming after that!

For fans of: Franz Ferdinand, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Hives

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Friends of Friends- ‘Morphine’

Friends of Friends deliver an unmissable high through their latest track ‘Morphine’, carefully tailoring an anthem of passion and perfectly executed musical elements that leave this tune lingering for some time after it finishes. The band has created perfect communication between the many layers of this track that help it become the professional, well-crafted, and overly enjoyable song it is today. Of particular standout is the band’s raw vocals, sharing their stroy with vulnerability, angst, reflection, and direness. All these elements, intertwined with ferocious instrumentals, create a connection that reaches out and touches you, hitting you deep in the heartstrings and making you feel alive. ‘Morphine’ is the perfect road trip anthem, screaming as you share precious experiences with friends and family with the wind in your hair and your cares reshaped for just a moment of time.

For fans of: Slowly Slowly, Pacific Avenue, Dear Seattle

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RedHook & Sly Withers- ‘Soju’

What could soundtrack summer better than two of Australia’s best bands? ‘Soju’ is a self-assertive anthem that sees RedHook and Sly Withers taking the reins to get their own life back. Emmy’s expressive vocals alongside Jono’s hearty Australian vocals create a perfect partnership of instant catchiness and beautiful duality. Not to mention the two band’s colliding for some solid instrumentation, including a signature RedHorn moment in the form of an admirable saxophone solo. What really radiates within this track is the anthemic vocal moment that conjures a full room screaming the chorus of ‘Soju’. Recorded at a show earlier this year, this section brings both a heartwarming recollection of the impact of the band’s music and their incredible fan base, as well as emphasizes the track’s massive F U energy by hearing the chant. You are sure to be the next audience member cheering to ‘Soju’ as you say goodbye to the tumultuous year that was.

For fans of: Waxflower, Yours Truly, Between You & Me

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Thundamentals- ‘Suffering Fools’

From the album cover to the many songs that radiate vibrancy and groove, Thundamentals’ latest album was bound to be a soundtrack of the summer, and this is certainly found within one of the leading singles, ‘Suffering Fools’. The track replaces some of the classic Thundas harder rapping styles for a more relaxed vocal performance that flows from chorus to verse. Its happy-sounding harmonies however fluctuate to some more self-deprecating lyrical content. With ease, the song sweeps you away into peaceful escapism and joyful trance through the sheer happiness that escapes through its energetic beats and uplifting instrumentals. The song envisions a picture of beach-side relaxation, guided by the water and gleeful summer energy- certainly pushing to have this song on repeat.

For fans of: Illy, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso

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SoSo- ‘Stay’

SoSo consistently deliver belters, and ‘Stay’ proves no different to the band’s great track record. From the first verse, the self-proclaimed ‘average pop-punkers’ tackle their own branding, instead pouring out some serious passion, intense vocals, and an instantly catchy chorus that will have you hooked for many listens to come. Release upon release, SoSo are a band I always associate with summer- whether it be their laid-back energy that radiates from track to track, the soaring guitars that lay a solid foundation for adventures and new experiences, or maybe the band’s fixation on festivals and summer culture. Either way, ‘Stay’ joins the discography as another perfect summer anthem, and is sure not to be the last!

For fans of: Down and Out, Trophy Eyes, Violent Soho

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