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Loose Bricks Giving Lots to Look Forward To With New Single 'Diamonds'

Image Credit: @darceesmithphotography

Loose Bricks are wasting no time this year, dropping their new single ‘Diamonds’ alongside a film clip and an exciting string of live shows. Their new tune is lead singer Levi’s brainchild; the result of new musical inspiration underpinning his stunning lyrics that deal with the endeavour toward hope in darker periods of life.

‘Diamonds’ comes after the boys release ‘Blink of an Eye’ in November of 2020, the tunes exemplifying Loose Bricks’ evolution in both sound and musical direction since their beginnings in 2017. These singles have a distinct indie-rock feel but with a softness and vulnerability by way of gentle guitar plucking and lyrical poeticism. ‘Diamonds’, in particular, deals with the topic of mental health and Levi’s own experience with the effect it has had on the lives of his loved ones.

“I wrote it about the life experiences I had in Mildura with losing mates, and people struggling with the black dog, I just wanted a song people could listen to and feel a bit of hope... to just keep going when times are tough.” (Levi)

The film clip was shot in the band’s hometown of Mildura by Adelaide company Lemonade City. It follows the boys as they go through the ordinary motions of life that can often feel heavier and more difficult when shadowed by a dark cloud. There is an incredible everyday-ness about the video clip, juxtaposed with lush pans of the desert scenery and dreamlike moments between friends and lovers. The video rounds out with interjections of the boys playing a live gig, a scene that perfectly mirrors the intensity and build in the track itself.

Musically speaking, there is so much to enjoy with this track. Kicking off with sparse strumming and husky vocals, ‘Diamonds’ is captivating from the get-go. There is a crunchy, distorted guitar rift out of each chorus that adds real darkness to the tune, but then the relentlessly rhythmic bridge feels like running through a wide-open space; a huge release from the depth of the first verses and chorus.

The sheer thought and purpose behind the entire ‘Diamonds’ release is a testament to Loose Bricks. Levi, Aaron, Todd and Korbin have no doubt been chipping away and it absolutely shows. Keep your eyes peeled for live gig dates to experience the Loose Bricks sound in all its glory.

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