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Loulou Makes Us 'Depend On Me' With New Post-Punk Single

Updated: May 28, 2021

Meanjin outfit Loulou's new track is a banger. Thumping drums laced with firey guitars lay the ground for gutteral yet peanut-buttery vocals. 'Depend on Me' truly is garage rock distilled into one sonic form.

Enough to drive the neighbours nutty, the band offers a tasteful recipe comprised of ingredients reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr, The Stooges and Devo. This is the prime sound for scraping the knees at the local skato for sure. Afterwards, why not medicate by slamming a couple of beers and talking till sunrise. Nah this song's not those new-fangled craft brews but the ancient Dad beers of old; VB, Tooheys and XXXX...all long necks of course. Like a dad, this song delivers a heart to heart chat that sometimes we don't necessarily want but we definitely need.

The message isn't what you'll find in your regular proto-punk anthem. 'Depend on You,' is a song about finding comfort in "being completely depedent on someone (event if it's not 100% healthy)"

I'm dependent on you, it's sad but true.

Sometimes there's just someone you can't walk away from but other times we can say there's plenty of fish in the sea. You do you.

To really sum it up folks, Loulou is heart-breaking new wave honesty at Australia's finest.

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