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'Love's Not Enough' For Big Orange

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There are two really good things that were born in Perth. Myself. And alt-rock warlocks, 'Big Orange.' Sliding off the sleek and slippery back of their last release 'By The Dozen,' the band have come out with a titillating little ditty, 'Love's Not Enough.' Love mightn't be, but this track certainly is. Big Orange comprise of Daniel Davis on the string dingin' & song fondling, Emma Adams on the synth-aliver, Tom Garvey bass jumping, and Jamie Gallacher on the drumbone.

'Love's Not Enough' is high energy end-to-end, with fast drums, muted guitar strings and a compulsive, driving pulse. An echo stirs in the warp, and Daniel's voice emerges. The synth and beat pick up for the chorus and we get a fascinating alternation between verse and choral hook. . .

But it's the time change into the bridge we need to talk about.

These rowdy ruthless Randy's have come in dicks swingin' with this one. The guitar sweeps us away with the drums beneath our wings, and we get lifted up into some schralpy territory. I like it. It's the kind of change that makes you scrunch your face up and go, "Oof." A few chugs and we go into an end chorus, this time with added Vitamin Angst for a healthy diet. It's got all the minerals: Rocks, metals, rhythms & Britpops.

Monsieur Davis shed some light on the track and the themes within:

"As the title suggests, the song is about the fact that sometimes even the forces of love aren’t strong enough to hold two together."

The song dropped on March 25th, so you can get your greedy little mitts wrapped around it right now. Big Orange are a band full of surprises, and they only keep getting better. Check them out on their social mediums below, and if you're on the West Side, get yourself to a gig near you. 'Love's Not Enough' will glue you to your ear buds and get you strutting where you need to be.

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Cover Art for 'Love's Not Enough'



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