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Lucy Dron Delivers The Goods With New Single 'Take It From Me'

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Photography: Phoebe Faye

Lucy Francesca Dron’s new single ‘Take It From Me’ immediately packs a punch. Energetic from the get go, this alternative indie-rock song draws on elements of post-punk and incorporates entrancing guitar riffs, soulful vocals and punchy drums to create an amalgamation of swirling sounds. 

The first single from her upcoming EP Leftovers, 'Take It From Me’ explores the themes of falling in love, recognising emotional intelligence and overcoming just how overwhelming life can be. The song takes on a life of its own, chopping and changing beats within the first moments, immediately setting the tone and warning the listener that this is no stock standard tune.

Lucy is a singer-songwriter and guitarist that hails from Brisbane, and at just 20 years old already has an impressive collection of songs under her belt (including her single ‘Questions’ released earlier this year).

Lucy is introspective and likes to examine the continued themes of mulling over life’s big mysteries. Whether bringing clarity, or merely deep diving into her psyche, Lucy brings a confidence to her music that matches her insightful composition. ‘Take it From Me’ can only be described as a punchy and powerful sonic experience, heightened by the band’s concoction of sounds and Lucy’s artful vocalisation.

Backed by her brother Tom Dron on the bass and Tex Keane on the drums, the three-piece band forms together to create a sonic force of feeling. Their music is uniquely their own, offering a dollop of post-punk and psych-rock mixed with a teaspoon of lo-fi folk and a strong blend of jazz throughout.

‘Take It From Me’ was recorded at Airlock Studios in Brisbane with Tom Dron, Tex Keane, and has been produced by Steve Kempnich. The single will appear on Lucy Francesca Dron’s long awaited EP Leftovers due for release in 2021. 

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