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Madi Leeds Goes '0-100' In Latest Single

Photo Credit: James Morris

Coming straight from the sad pop bop shop, Melbourne/Naarm songstress & tugger of the heartstrings Madi Leeds has dropped her latest single. '0-100' is out today on the 19th of August and comes action-packed with features, including an accompanying music video and ten deluxe tears which will fall from your eyes at intermittent intervals. She has garnered a name for herself both domestically & internationally, having played at Melbourne Music Week, Moomba Festival, Sydney Fringe Fest and rocking the jocks off Japan.

'0-100' is produced by Hamish Patrick, and features simple acoustic guitar and personal, introspective lyrics. The highs are frail and the drum & acoustic are always driving the synth 'round in it's hearse. There is a dash of melancholia in the mix, from the intro & verse all the way into the choruses. The snail mail/soccermommy-esque loneliness is drawn out by the dichotomy of dynamics, with choruses reprising loudly or thinly & raw. Madi is a master at teasing out emotion through song structure & sparsity. The track touches on themes of self-doubt, with Madi stating:

"'0-100' is about the feeling of comparing yourself to others, putting yourself very low on a pedestal, feeling that you are never good enough for someone."

The song comes with an accompanying music video, filmed on a mini-DV camcorder at the Parliament Gardens at night. There is a captivating lo-fi aesthetic reminiscent of 90's home video, with water features bursting in the background mirroring the cascading synth:

Whether you need to feel The Feels tm, or you're looking for a new track to be the score to your antisocial headphone-fuelled day, Madi Leeds has got you covered. There is a single launch tonight at the Leadbeater Hotel, where Madi will be joined by her full band, with JHM and Local the Neighbour also supporting on the bill. Tickets available HERE. It's only twenty dollaridoos, and is sure to be a wild night of fat, cathartic tears and all the fuzzies you could ever want in one sitting.

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Single Artwork & music video by Damon Langley



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