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MANE Is a Force To Be Reckoned With in New Single 'Over and Over'

Adelaide singer-songwriter MANE has released her highly anticipated sophomore single ‘Over and Over’. This empowering indie-pop anthem demands recognition, letting us know this is only the beginning for MANE. With emphatic vocals comparable to Florence and the Machine and Hayley Williams, this single is bound to put a spring in your step.

MANE explains, “I think, when things are tough, you can choose to sit in sadness or you can choose to push forward; this song is a little reminder to myself to continue to persevere and to fight for my happiness and peace, despite how hard it may be to do so at times. I hope it can bring a moment of strength to those who feel similarly.”

MANE is our personal hype woman in ‘Over and Over’, inspiring us to channel her powerful energy to turn a new leaf. We’ve all gone through phases of feeling lost and lacking direction, unsure on how to take the next step. ‘Over and Over’ is the perfect tune to get you back on track, reminding you to keep your head up and charge forward.

This track features subtle but upbeat instrumentals, allowing MANE’s angelic vocals to take centre stage. Lyrics flawlessly encapsulate reaching breaking point and deciding to take charge of your life.

I’m ripping up the bad vibes, flipping off the bad guys/

They always try to get in my way

Refrain from involuntarily flipping off a stranger if listening to this one in public. MANE also reminds us: ‘don’t forget that we’re all human’. We must remember everyone is fighting their own battles and it never hurts to choose kindness.

This personal offering from the emerging star packs a punch with optimistic lyrics and melodic vocals. For those desperately seeking motivation to make a change- if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. A driving force in the South Australian music scene, MANE’s forthcoming EP Coping Mechanisms comes out November 13th.

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