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Michelle Limanjae Releases Debut Single 'Hey, Dear Heidi'

Selamat pagi my friends, today I have the honour of covering Michelle Limanjae's debut single 'Hey, Dear Heidi.' This song is actually superhuman, with the ability to time travel at will from the early 2020's straight back to the 90's in an instant. I did not know what to expect when I first listened to this song, and I was more than pleasantly impressed.

The song starts off with some Ruthless Randy guitar, like if Hanson had a punk phase. We then get the first taste of Michelle's soaring vocal delivery, and the vocal texture only gets more dynamic and richer from there. It combines rock & pop melodies with soulful harmonies - introspective and uplifting. The tender vocals perfectly contrast against a backdrop of swashbuckling guitar and a healthy smattering of raindrop bomb-plop drums.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Limanjae

The bridge is where it gets really exciting. I'll be straight-up with you, I've heard some anti-climactic bridges lately, and this is not one of them! Some sleek guitar drones and a cascading vocal chorus suck us straight into pump-up drums and eyes-shut guitar croons. Then some swathing guitar chugs push us over the edge into gliding Melisma Town.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Limanjae

The song was produced in Michelle Limanjae's bedroom during Melbourne's never-ending Rona Season. It was then co-produced, mixed & mastered by Rama Harto at Rekam Kamar in Jakarta, Indonesia. Speaking of the song, Michelle stated:

“I’ve been very anxious about sharing my work with anyone and I know that won’t take me anywhere. Being in my comfort zone keeping all the lyrics, melodies, and ideas on my own, it is torturing me somehow.”
“This year, I’ve decided to battle the anxiety and get rid of all the intrusive thoughts, at least have that courage to show my humble piece of work no matter how the outcome is.”

I can tell you right now, the outcome is an incredible song, garnering the coveted 100% certified banger-status. If this is Michelle Limanjae's first single, imagine the places she will take us in the future.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Limanjae

Thanks again, Michelle, my ear holes applaud you for this nourishing sonic sustenance. In the meantime, chuck a sneaky view on her accompanying YouTube video, and follow her on social media in order to know when the next tasty mambola is served.

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