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Mila Nile Doesn’t Have Time For Negativity With Single ‘Don’t Need Your Love’

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Have we got an international banger for you. Scandinavian-born, Sydney-based, pop siren, Mila Nile, has dropped a club worthy anthem with her new single ‘Don’t Need Your Love’. Produced by HVTCH (based in LA), Nile has gifted us with a track that combines the sounds of Scandinavia’s nightclubs with Australia’s indie dance beats.

“It’s about a toxic relationship, but not with a person, with a feeling - validation,” says Nile when asked about the song. “I wrote 'Don’t Need Your Love' as an anthem to remind myself that I’m good enough and that my worth isn’t based on others’ perceptions of me.”

The track’s beats are like building blocks stacked atop each other. Basslines and sounds weave through them to support Nile’s dreamy vocals. But in contrast to them, Nile’s lyricism is grounded and strong. ‘I don’t need your love / I know I’m done with you,’ Nile breathes before the bass comes crashing down.

Self-empowerment anthems come in many forms from ballads to straight pop tracks. ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ takes tear jerking affirmations of self-worth and overlays them with pulsing beats that will keep you on the dancefloor all night long. If the lyrics don’t inspire you to put your head high, then the track’s production will take you to a feel-good party utopia.

“Some days can feel like every mirror shows you’re not good enough, every app tells you’re not interesting enough, and people in your life can make you feel not worthy enough. If you make music, it sometimes feels like every part of the industry is telling you you’re not talented enough,” says Nile.

With all the negativity going on in the world, Nile gave us exactly what we need. And with her vibrant and infectious sound, she is destined to be blasted from the speakers of nightclubs across the world.

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