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'Moving On' And Moving Up, Telescreen Release Latest Banger

Image: Telescreen | Supplied

Melbourne indie-pop band Telescreen release latest tune ‘Moving On’, which is a deep and inspirational track which encourages people to seize back their self-autonomy and agency through lulling guitar and chant-able lyrics.

‘Moving On' brings back music for all ages with an important message. It appeals to all genres with subtle nods of the head to psych, rock and classic pop, with a clear alternative and indie streak. Anthemic pop mixed with stylistic elements of atmospheric rock, it's something your mum would sing along to and your little brother learn the chords of, to play it on an out of tune guitar. It appeals to every Australian who experienced the political and environmental chaos front earlier this year, and to everyone, period.

Constant and continual, never shifts tempo or detracts attention from the rolling tone, gets you on the roll and up and tapping. For sad lyrics it is a surprisingly energising song - which becomes no surprise as the chorus gains back the power by ‘moving on’ (duh).

It’s the kind of song that you can play on repeat constantly for 10 minutes and not actually notice - because the start and end meld beautifully together, but also its just really damn good - I don’t think you can ever get sick of it, and trust me - I’ve been listening to it for over 15 minutes in a row and counting.

It’s the style of Methyl Ethyl mixed with The Belligerents and a tinge of The Killers in the vocals, and The Temper Trap in the echoey layered guitar riffs on a great little tune you just can’t get enough of.

“We, as a group, felt as though there was this real disconnect between the actions of Australia’s leaders and the true needs of those affected by the fires. ‘Moving On’ addresses our politicians’ disregard for public opinion, along with their seemingly growing inaction and detachment from issues in order to protect their self-interests.”

Political and environmental activism never sounded so good in this ode to the bushfires all over Australia earlier this year and the governments inaction. Telescreen carries on the torch that Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil once bore- taking music to public perspective, and to change lives through spreading important messages through catchy tunes and ripper riffs.

The music video to accompany the tune is a beautiful and heartwarming display of self expression and acceptance in collaboration with NIDA and Triple J Unearthed. The music video combines sparkly and colourful self expression to monochrome monotony in a jam packed and expressive clip. It premiered on Rage - arguably the most iconic Australian music program that in terms of achievement, is equivalent to playing on a Splendour stage - it's a huge step forward for the band, and promises great things for the band still to come.

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