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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Australian #electropop sensation MUKI made big waves after her debut track ‘Sassaparilla’ hit top three on the global spotify charts. Now she’s dropped her highly anticipated debut EP ‘IT WON’T HURT’ and hoooo boy - its one of the most promising releases of the year in its genre - It's tight. Its cheeky. Its sassy.’re into that. ————— We wanted to pick a standout track on the EP but MUKI has made it super hard. ‘Friends Don't Make Out’ and ‘Sassaparilla’ are euphoric a dive into fresh cherry flavoured bubbly. ‘Gold Oxygen’ dives off its glittery start as an unapologetic “block the haters” anthem. Yet ‘Player’ is the brand new track - gritty, energetic, and brave, it proves that artists like Muki, give promise to the Australian electronic/pop scene. Everything screams polish. What ever ‘it’ is shes got it. ————— #Muki says her “ ‘Brat Pop’ is my somewhat sassy contribution to the conversation happening in media right now; ‘Women are allowed to want things’, ‘Women are allowed to be strong’, ‘Women are allowed to stand up for themselves’. We’re allowed to be imperfect. We’re allowed to be authentic artists who have their own ideas and can express them.” ————— Just this month the young gun was invited to an exclusive korean pop writing camp with some of the biggest artists in the $4.7 billion K-pop industry. @iam.muki and her bubblegum pop will be on tour from this month. Be sure to check the dates and get ready for a sugar high that’s dangerously addictive. ————— Reminds us of: #Waveracer, #CharlieXCX, #Grimes, #Kpop / #Jpop



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