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Music for Misbehaviour with Pretty Ugly's Latest EP 'Party Friends'

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Credit: Mitch Love

Remember when Dune Rats first dropped 'Sexy Beach' in 2013? Its that vision of you and your mates laughing hysterically whilst wagging school assembly to go to the local HJ's down the road. Almost 10 years on, Aussie rock is still bubbling with the same punk flavour. It’s a simple yet timeless philosophy 'F*ck the man, lets crack a beer and have fun.'

The Pretty Uglys' latest EP, Party Friends is certainly music for misbehaviour. Spawned in coastal Busselton WA, the trio emerged in 2018 to huge praise. The boys have been quite on the ride with their tropical blend of surf and punk rock to satisfy the masses. crashing drums, disruptive power chords and a sweeping bass line.

There's not a lot to read into and thats why we love it. There’s a simple message at the core of all good rock n roll, “We here for a good time not a long time.”

The band certainly sparks conversation with a story of a massive night in Fremantle. 'Emergency Room is ' ...a night out which ended with Jax landing in hospital needing stitches in his face, then heading to Perth the next day to play a sold-out show with Ruby Fields, it was our biggest show to date at the time.”

Certainly, setting the tone for the rest of the EP the boys thrust into another party-fuelled anthem. 'Party Friends,' details the simple Australian dream of a beer in hand on a Friday, the boys anticipate nothing more than a weekend knock off sesh.'Open my eyes it’s Monday again, 5 more days of work till we’ll be party friends again.' We’ve all been there. Sitting across from that person who's your best mate for a slurred but blissful 20-minute conversation, captivated over the fact that you're both wearing the same band shirt. This song sums up this experience perfectly.

'Puzzle Pieces' is catchy. Turn up the volume and roll down the windows. Now howl loudly as possible 'Finished the puzzle pieces in my head, but it still feels something missing here.' Definitely, an ideal track to p*ss off the neighbours.

For some reason, 'Pleased to Meet Ya,' strikes the image of flying a kite on a crisp spring day. Spaced out guitars glide towards one of the more reflective tracks off the EP 'Memories we always keep, moving on we always meet, other people keep it clean, grass is always really green.' The boys aren't wrong; The grass truly is greener on the other side.

Let your hair down and bring out the flannel for 'Dreamland Delusion.' Definitely the most grungy of the tracks, soho-esque guitars is complemented by a brash vocal delivery. Contrasting its title, this song is anything but tired.

Whatever our age Party Friends makes us feel young again. It’s not the record we all asked for but its the one we all need. Yet the Pretty Uglys are having too much of a good time to care what we think and thats what makes them great. Like nicking a six-pack from Dad's fridge before a gatho, Party Friends tells us to ride the high of being alive - and we'd love nothing more.



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