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COLLAR Taps Into Our 'Strangest Desires' With Dark Debut EP

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Image Credit: Alex Wall

Brisbane duo COLLAR have dropped their debut EP Strangest Desires, which we can only describe as ‘house music with a dark twist’. Featuring four transcendental tracks, this EP is undeniably bold and ambient. COLLAR have crafted a haunting atmosphere with polished production and intoxicating vocals. Reminiscent of both Nick Cave and The xx, it’s hard to distinguish if COLLAR is transporting you 50 years in the future or back to the 80’s.

This music lends itself to the psychedelic raves you expect to see in the iconic drama Skins. Industrial but not clinical, Strangest Desires explores raw and eerie themes. COLLAR has struck a perfect balance between dystopian grunge and invigorating dance techno.

'If Blade Runner 2049 had a club, COLLAR would be the house band'. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Featured as one of Triple J unearthed Top 5 songs of the week, ‘Strangest Desires’ is arguably the most notable track on the EP. When describing this single, COLLAR says, “in some ways it cemented a darker direction in the music. It also really inspired and drove graphic and visual ideas that are part of the lights and effects visuals of our stage show”. This track masterfully layers electronic elements to build a sense of urgency and suspense - and we weren't disappointed when the chorus arrived.

The EP features two purely instrumental tracks: ‘Euclid’ and ‘Tomorrow I’ll Disappear’. Mechanical and paranormal, these experimental tracks solidify the EP’s other-worldly atmosphere. My personal pick, ‘Safe House’ instantly reminded me of Marilyn Manson’s work. Raspy vocals are married with relentless instrumentals to create an unnerving yet addictive sound. Like your favourite horror movie, 'Safe House' creeps you out in a way that has you coming back for more. COLLAR describe ‘Safe House’ as a ”four to the floor rave song inspired by a late night Scorcese binge”.

COLLAR have well and truly made a debut to remember with this impressive piece of work. Strangest Desires is a uniquely intriguing addition to the Brisbane music catalog.

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