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No More Feeling Blu with 'Cotton Candy Lemonade'

Blu DeTiger, 22-year-old New York raised singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist showcases her visual aesthetic in new music video for single ‘Cotton Candy Lemonade’. With mellow basslines performed by Blu herself, and the steady visuals of New York City skies and motorcycle rides, the enviable scape has intertwined itself with the music to create a utopian dreamscape for those who have never experienced the loud streets of NYC.

‘Cotton Candy Lemonade’ was written during the dreaded time of quarantine and features the artist’s elastic baselines and melodic vocals that easily hypnotise. Blu plays with the emotions of loneliness and desire for aloneness with your significant person. The relatable feeling of being lost in the time, and wanting to feel less alone, seeps through the dreamy lyrics: ‘I want to get lost with you / Because right now I’m lost without you too.’ The tender relationship played out in the lyrics seems to crave an escape from a world that's all too much.

The new currency of musical appeal is the number of TikToks people are making with your sounds, and Blu has this in spades with her previous single in April ‘Figure It Out’ – amassing half a million posts with the likes of Dixie D’Amelio and Hannah Stocking jamming out. Blu – who has been playing bass since age seven – promises a body of work in 2021, giving all the more reason to be excited that 2020 will finally end. With the sounds of sweet cotton candy melting into cool lemonade, Blu has easily set herself as a staple for breezy beats that trigger the feeling of escapism in a time where escape is all but impossible.




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