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Onslow Speed Up Momentum with Debut Single 'Let Me Rust'

Perth-based melodic-punk outfit Onslow’ have released their debut single.

'Let Me Rust’ represents a musical departure for singer Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer, and guitarist Scott Kay (Voyager, Statues). Taking cues from Deftones and The Smashing Pumpkins, the energetic two-piece's debut single succeeds in combining aggressive riffs with Nirvana like-chords of reflection. The track pleasantly showcases Harmanis vocal maturity while still holding true to the angst that we’re there for. Lyrically, the dynamic track feels like a momentary acceptance of hopelessness. In discussing the process behind the record, Harmanis said,

"This tune was probably the main catalyst for starting the band in general. To me, the song is about feeling as if you’re going to waste. At the time, I was struggling to find purpose and felt as if I very had little direction in my life.”

The macabre tone is juxtaposed by positive and bouncy riffs that would make the most reluctant listener nod their head. Elements of reassurance are sung like positive affirmations,

'I’m okay, it’s alright, I’m okay’.

'Let Me Rust's video further incorporates the night and day dichotomy, elevating the track with impressive and considered visuals.

With crisp production by Matthew Templeton, (Make Them Suffer, Voyager, Statues) the song's unique structure complements the divided self illustrated in the track. With musical dashes of hope and sprinkles of screams throughout, Onslow's debut single leaves us pining for more, reinforcing that it's okay not to feel okay.




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