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‘Over Again’ - Hein Cooper

The newest track ‘Over Again’ from NSW crooner @heincooper is daringly unexpected. On the surface it is easy listening, but the song comes through with some surprising layers. The track is all about finding yourself in a situation or position that is more than familiar. It opens with all the makings of an acoustic track, with nothing but Hein and his guitar. It then kicks up a notch with the addition of backing beats, and escalates further in the hook before cresting at the chorus. But this part of the tune is also where things start to get really going.

The second hook introduces a strings element to the track. The addition of the strings is just enough to blend and create cohesion, and is in no way overwhelming. If you have ever felt like your relationship is a ceaseless never ending sense of Deja Vu, you will find it hard not to relate.



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