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PALACE 9 Introduce Us To Their ‘Paradise’ In Debut Single

Hailing from Brisbane, PALACE 9 are the newest intoxicating band to sweep across our radar. Offering a fresh take on a beloved alt-rock sound, the band has come out with all guns blazing in their debut single ‘Paradise’. Infused with influence yet beaming with individuality, the track explores realms never heard before, and uses the band's already exuding confidence to reach out and touch the listener. Impactful and memorable, ‘Paradise’ is an escape we could certainly get used to!

PALACE 9 immediately captures with their striking and intoxicating riffs. This not merely continues, but is amplified with the introduction of the vocals- that of which are laced with an assertion, confidence, and flair. Soaring wide and deep, a great range is shown off, making sure we all know what is sure to be found within the band’s growing discography. ‘Paradise’ encases a beautiful balance that sees a harmonious relationship between vocals and instrumentals, marrying the two elements together seamlessly to guide the song. Its sharp fusion of alt-rock and indie does the same, mending and molding, but to its own recipe. With all the elements we love, PALACE 9 crafts something so enticing and refreshing, especially for a modern audience lathered in the repetition of the genre.

Melancholic and otherworldly, ‘Paradise’ shifts its soundscape through elements of comfort and unfamiliarity, ultimately culminating in its much larger discussion of reality and the unknown.

‘Paradise’ comes from a place deep inside, on the edge of dreams and reality. Each of us can imagine these dreams or visions of beautiful places, our ideal world. But we must be inclined to use our vision of Paradise to guide us in our day-to-day lives which sees us at the mercy of the mind, constantly entangled by ego. With little control of the volatile world we find ourselves in, we have but two options; to hide in Paradise or to live our dreams as reality. What does your perfect world look like?”

Check out PALACE 9 now! You don’t wanna miss this!

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