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Perth Prince Wesley Black Is 'King Of The World'

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The Brat Prince stalks the streets again! Off the back of his 'Better With You' single and the 'Still!' remix, the Perth aristocrat has delivered his vulnerable new single 'King Of The World.' Dropping on March 4th, 'King Of The World' is a departure from his usual self. The chameleon trades out the traplord beatdown for strumming guitar heartstrings and raw lyric vocals. Unable to be pinned down to just one genre, Wesley Black is always dabbling with new sonic territory. Emotive & exposed, 'King Of The World' deals with the world lighting up after meeting the right person:

"'King of the World' is a song I wrote about finding someone who can make you feel special, even in your darkest days. It’s about the time I felt weakest, and struggled to find anything of value in my life, until I found someone special. Somehow no matter how bad things got in my own world, I could always feel like the king of the world by her side, and I can only hope I did the same in return.”

The track is a bold slice of 2006 pop punk nostalgia with a sadboy edge. It begins with the acoustic guitar and the beautiful main motif. Then our decadent host leads us down gilded corridors with his grazed heart & tender verse. The chorus is warm and memorable, but it is the second verse which takes the castle tour to another level. Deep in the basement, coffin door nailed-shut, we uncover some sick rap flow and a dirty breakbeat; syncopated and punching forward, this is where the song gets really fascinating. Not afraid to get emotional, the song is always taking us deeper into Wesley Black's pop foray, heartbeat by heartbeat.

To celebrate the release of 'King Of The World,' there is a killer Launch Party at The Aardvark in Perth on the 11th of March. Keep your finger on the pulse with Wesley Black's socials, and get yourself involved with the masquerade ball this Friday. He will be playing alongside a slew of ghosts & ghouls, including Oshua, Charity, Voose Pablo, X4nder, YNGRACH (DJ) & Astron (DJ).

Wesley Black 'King Of The World' Launch Event

Tickets here

Friday, 11th March

The Aardvark - Perth

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