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Pierce Brothers Delve 'Into The Great Unknown' With New Album

Melbourne’s favourite duo the Pierce Brothers have released their highly anticipated album Into the great Unknown, a catalogue of songs leaving us feeling a wholesome nostalgia - like coming home after wayward journey and being welcomed by family. In their new record the band really channel the concept of "home is where the heart is". The album expands on family values with deep love and gratitude of the simple things in life. Into the great Unknown has so many wonderful songs, so we'll delve into our highlights.

Before the album release, we were given a tantalising release ‘Brother’ - a soul touching song reflective of brotherhood and its emotional bonds. A subtly melancholic ballad the lyrics reminisce on cherished childhood moments,

‘It’s been a while, since I’m away’

‘Brother ‘embodies what can be felt universally when we're far away and missing family. They followed this release with ‘It’s Alright’ one of Pierce Brothers more upbeat toe tapping numbers featuring thumping percussion, banjo runs and blues undertones. With its vibrant delivery the Pierce Brothers single had given us a taste of how colourful Into the great Unknown was going to be.

Pierce Brothers truly are the builders of their own music - beyond being multiinstrumentalists they invent their own acoustic sounds through creative exploration. The brother’s music come from their roots and can be heard through their stripped back approach. Into the great Unknown maintains the essence of the duo's original sound but expands into multifaceted musical elements. A fact most evident in ‘Reflectors’ which begins with an instrumental intriguing us with organic guitar plucking and mourning violin. This song builds in intensity almost growing to an emotional climax, evoking a cathartic feeling of emotional conflict. ‘Reflectors’ beautifully betrays this sweet tension when the vocals start, ‘I’m not looking for a fight, I don’t want any trouble,’ the brothers sing.

Reaching to further depths with softly set piano chords and resonating cellos is the album's ballad ‘Waves of winter’ dripping with authentic emotion and selfless expression through the lyrics

‘for you I’d walk the long way home again’

the song evoking an undying wiliness to be there for someone you love, a fantastic heart-warming song which resonates with the honourable values the album set to portray. Another highlight ‘La Montage’ encapsulates folk style gearing up to a double time chorus of upbeat folk rock. The duality of the two intwining elements creates a contrast that keeps listeners engaged until the show stopping end. Into the great Unknown shows an evolution from the Pierce brothers earlier music yet their signature sound is more solid than ever.


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