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Platonic Sex Roll Their Eyes Towards Misogynist's 'Devil's Advocate'

Photo by James Caswell

Hair of the dog. Platonic Sex, still fresh off the back of their last single, have released an eye-roll of a banger titled 'Devil's Advocate'. Gritty, authentic and unapologetically honest it's the ultimate concoction and Platonic Sex's bountiful talent - and an incredible display of lead singer Bridget Brandolini's colossal vocal abilities.

Soaring through soft intimate sonics to more passionately guttural moments, they give off a punk-rock Stella Donnelly crossover that works terrifically. Dipping through vocal stand-alone moments to full-blown guitar breakdowns, 'Devil's Advocate' shows fans the full spectrum of Platonic Sex's immense musical talent as they become a stand-alone act in Meanjin's music scene.

With an ever-so-fitting title, the track is an incendiary three-minute long callout to men who play the part of the 'Devil's Advocate' so they can get the upper hand in conversations and make misogynistic statements without fear of retribution. Queue the eye-roll.

Speaking on the track, Bridget Brandolini says it's an all-too-familiar experience for most women and non-binary folk in their lives.

“By playing Devil’s Advocate for the sake of the debate, men try to separate themselves from the impact of their words. In the song, I want to glue the words back to their mouths and remove their platform for misogyny.”

Listen to 'Devils Advocate' now!

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