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Polarize Have Got Your Weekend Soundtrack Covered With Their New EP 'Lucky Eye'

Photo credit: Tallulah Goos-Roisom

Polarize are a indie pop/rock five-piece from Melbourne. They released their self-produced debut EP Do What You Want in 2018, and after releasing a handful of singles in the years since, they're now following up with their second EP Lucky Eye. Mixed by Colin Leadbetter (Leah Senior, Whitley, Girlatones) and mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring), Lucky Eye features three of these singles, two new songs and a remix - six tunes to soundtrack your weekend. Polarize craft melodies that are groovy enough to chill you right out, but their tight rhythm section with vibrant guitars and crisp percussion will make you wanna get up and move. It all comes together to create a style of indie pop and rock that combines a variety of influences while still standing tall as its own unique sound. Vocalist Rudie Dodd has a voice that is slightly reminiscent of Mac DeMarco, however with a generally more energetic delivery. The band's songwriting and instrumentals take influence from a wide range of sources, from the British post-punk/new wave styles of The Clash and New Order to modern indie favourites The Strokes and MGMT. On the single 'Eugene's Calling', Dodd lists bands such as Ratatat and Parcels with their "upbeat Daft Punk-esque songs" as primary influences. “I really wanted to write a funky song with a big chorus", he said.

'Evil Thoughts', one of the EP's more uptempo tracks, brings to mind the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Mini Mansions and Miles Kane with its infectious energy and playful vocal and guitar melodies. 'Big Old Kid' turns into a similarly tuneful dancey groove with rhythmic guitar and some kooky synths. The EP tends to bounce back and forth between midtempo jams and more energetic uptempo passages. On the title track, the band shuffles through a midtempo groove before picking up the pace in the last minute for an extended instrumental outro. 'Friends Again' follows a more linear progression to the rest of the tracks, cycling between softer verses and a guitar and synth-heavy chorus. And tacked on to the end of the EP is a Burnt Tongue remix of 'Eugene's Calling', which is a nice funky piece of electronica that serves as a bit of a cool down following the five main tracks. Barring this remix, which is more of a bonus track anyway, the EP is an incredibly consistent and cohesive group of songs. Despite their name, audiences won't be divided on Polarize - this band have a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

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