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Pop-Punk Princess ‘renforshort’ Debuts Single ‘nostalgic (luvsick)’

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renforshort's single ‘nostalgic (luvsick)’ premiered on Triple J last week, following her July release ‘fuck, i luv my friends’, which has amassed great critical acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, TIME, V Magazine, Billboard, Paper, NME, American Songwriter, Interview Magazine, plus a whopping 2 million streams and counting… With that said, it is no surprise that the 18 years young singer-songwriter from Toronto is on the road to greatness with her latest single.

‘nostalgic (luvsick)’ is full of old Polaroid snapshots of the one that got away, in the old pink shoebox you keep under your bed covered in dust. The snappy opening verses lure you in with dreamy vocals layered with echoey guitar, straight into a heavy hitting chorus that crashes down over you like a wave of emotion. It’ll get you feeling all kinds of ways, but mostly happy-sad in the best way possible.

Her music carries hints of iconic artists like Jorja Smith, Kehlani, and Chloe Lilac, yet ren still manages to break away from the pack with her unique twist on what pop should sound like.

Complete with bite-y beats, aching synths and a whole lot of attitude, it would have definitely been the ringtone on everyone's bedazzled Nokia flip-phone back in the day, every 2014 Tumblr users’ anthem on their black Voss water and edgy posts blogs, and of course the 2020 e-girls’ TikToks’ too- ren has the power to span generations with her sweet ’n’ sour reminder of long lost love and, of course, nostalgia.

This is pop in the best, most grunge-revival way possible- like pastel pink fairy-floss thats sticks to you everywhere, this song will follow you around for days stuck in your head.

As ren's sound organically evolves and she dives deeper into genre bending and mixing, we can expect a bunch of singles coming out later this year as she polishes and hones her craft.

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