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PREMIERE: All Regards Go Full Steam Ahead With 'Trainwreck'

Photo: @allregardsband

Formerly known as The Lancias, All Regards are in prime form to make their presence known in the Australian pop-punk scene with the premiere of their new single ‘Trainwreck’.

Taking inspiration from old school pop-punk, the Melbourne band consists of bassist Mark Fuhrmann, singer/guitarist Jeremy ‘Jez’ Allen and drummer Ali O’Sullivan. Since forming, the trio have performed across various Melbourne venues like The Workers Club, The Tote and The Gasometer Hotel.

Their new single ‘Trainwreck’ delves into the subjects of identity, screwing up and learning how to be a better person. The themes are something we’re all familiar with. But the message is bound to stick with young listeners who find themselves fixating on mistakes and how to move on from them.

Yet despite its name, listening to 'Trainwreck', you won't feel hopeless. Instead, the track promotes optimism with its surging guitars and anthemic lyrics. Allen's vocals truly shine through and we can only imagine the thunderous chorus at a live shows. Its reminiscent of classic 2000s pop-punk but taken to a scintillating level where any feelings of loneliness or regret dissipate into the darkness.

In anticipation of the release of ‘Trainwreck’, we were lucky to have a chat to the band about the new single, musical inspirations and what the future holds for All Regards.

I know All Regards is a name change. How would you describe the identity of the band under this new name?

The main reason we changed the name was to consolidate everything a bit more. We wanted something catchy and easy enough to remember as well as something that would represent where we are heading in the future.

The band has been through a lot of changes and it took a while to get to where we are now, we're making music at a level we're really proud of and we've crafted a direction we want to go in.

If you had to choose, what are All Regards' top three musical influences that have inspired the band?

This new song is very pop-punk inspired, and I think there'll be a few more songs in that theme. We have a huge range of influences that will be evident in 'Trainwreck' and our next few releases.

I think the three for now would be Blink 182, Slowly Slowly and Stand Atlantic.

What is your creative process when it comes to writing/creating songs?

There's been heaps of processes.

Usually someone comes up with an idea that might be fleshed out or might need some more work and we'll all get together and jam on it.

Together we give it a bit more structure and from there get some lyrics down. 

'Trainwreck' was a bit different though, I (Mark) had a bass part (the part you hear at the start) that I showed to Jez (vocals & guitars).

We went back and forth on ideas for maybe an hour and we finished off the first demo. It came together really quick.

Ali (drums) joined the band not long after and added her elements too, creating a few more changes. Once we got into the studio it was stripped back and changed around again, and we landed on a final product.

Iso has put a spanner in the works but we have been constantly sending each other demos and coming up with some really great material.

'Trainwreck' seems like a powerful track with a message that young people are bound to be familiar with. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics and this message?

It is a powerful tune, and there's a lot to take from it.

Some parts are a bit raw and honest. Jez put them together after feeling overwhelmed and he lacked direction a bit. It's something everyone feels at times but it sucks when it's you that it hits. 

But, overall, it's a really positive song. It talks about pushing through and turning things around. We hope people make it their own and use it to take a positive message from.

What does the future hold for All Regards? What can we expect from the band in the near future?

We're really going to enjoy having 'Trainwreck' out in the world for people to hear. We have a few good songs in the bank so we're wanting to get back and record another single asap. After that we hope an EP will be coming our way.

Most importantly I think we're all just really keen to be able to play live again. Now that we know what we're doing a bit more, we're really excited about that and want to get back onstage.

Sending our regards to All Regards

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