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PREMIERE: Arches Unleash Debut Single 'Pressure'

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Photo: Provided

Arches are starting strong with their instant pop classic, 'Pressure.' This debut single is dropping this Friday, the 24th of September, and the Brisbane-based duo are brewing up a polished contemporary sound with hints of RnB spice and Dance spritz. The partnership consists of a buddy-cop pairing of QLD's finest sound detectives, with Townsville's Samuela Naborisi & Cairns sweetheart Mason Rowley investigating both sides of a crumbling relationship. Master music producers both, the song was created in Mason Rowley's home studio, with 'Pressure' bringing pulsing synthesizers, chunky steaks of bass & sultry vocals to the party.

Mere hours after uploading the track to Triple J Unearthed, Arches received unprecedented acclamation, garnering 4.5 stars from Triple J's Pip Rasmussen, commending:

“It’s a burst of technicolour production, funky basslines and buttery vocals – what a debut track. Can’t wait to hear more.”

The song snatches our attention with a pulsating, seductive hook before exploring two sides of a breakup. Samuela takes the mic first, showcasing gritty, distorted deep vocals. This is the partner in a breakup who adheres to the teaches of Peaches. On the prowl for a rebound - no regard for themselves or others. Cruel. Confident. Wanton. Impish. Alluring. This is contrasted perfectly with Mason's tender, heartfelt verses; personifying the longing heartbreak of a breakup. Broken and meek. The pair delved deeper into the themes of the song:

“'Pressure' explores the chasm between two sides of a breakup story and the all too often dipolar nature of each parties’ recollection of events”

These pop wizards take influence from esteemed acts such as The 1975 & Charli XCX, as well as inspiring mainstays like LCD Soundsystem and Bloc Party. 'Pressure' is not a meager toe-dipping litmus test; this track is an explosive foray into the genre - the like of which the world has never seen the like of which (to paraphrase Denholm Reynholm). What's more, Arches has promised that this is only the beginning, with 'Pressure' being the first of four tracks to be released over the remainder of the year. This Christmas, I'm asking for two dudes all up in my ear holes.

Let the pop detectives inspect your streaming services this Friday, with 'Pressure' being released on Spotify, Soundcloud & all your favourite noise delivery systems tomorrow but take a sneaky listen first here

'Pressure' by Arches


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