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PREMIERE: Buffalo Paradise Promise Us A Summer Hit

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Photos Provided by Corduroy PR

It's a hot summer day, and five musical wizards emerge from Botany Bay - What do you do? You plug in your headphones and listen to the Sydney 5-piece's latest single 'Promises'. Buffalo Paradise have melted butter with their hot and trotting new summer hit. The band is comprised of Lachie, Angus, Chris, Rory & Naren "Funk Fingers".

Legend has it that Lachie & Angus met at a fateful hockey match back in 2019, and then in 2020 the boys assembled. Buffalo Paradise combine mango summer harmonies with creamy songwriting to create the refreshing flavour to cool your mule:

“This one is a particular favourite for us, not only to perform live, but also to just sit back and listen to. We’ve been very keen to release this song ever since we wrote it.”

Cowbunctious, fruity and energetic, 'Promises' takes us from breaking waves of guitar to breaching whales of bass. The drums are always running along the dunes, and the vocals touch on the regret of names written in the sand, fading wave by wave:

“I think toxic relationships are something a lot of people can relate to, in this song we wanted to put a cheeky spin on it, rather than loathing over it.”

The band is off the back of a sold out headlined show at The Chippo in Sydney. And now they're riding that wave with a Single Launch coming up next week. Be sure to check out the gig if you're down in Botany Bay, and keep your ears clean for this spry summer bop.

Buffalo Paradise - 'Promises' Single Launch

Tickets here

Friday, 11th February

Waywards (at the Bank Hotel) - Sydney

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