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Premiere: Charm of Finches Comes Down 'Heavy' Ahead of New Album

Melbourne sisters Charm of Finches will be releasing their sixth and final single Heavy' ahead of their album Wonderful Oblivion due for release later this month.

The indie-folk charmstresses have once again blessed our ears with masterfully layered harmonies and an ethereal soundsape that transports us to fae-infused pastoral worlds complete with light and darkness.

Lyrically however, the track speaks more to its namesake - a disillusionment at the weight of a careless world,"This song is an expression of the sadness and frustration we feel about the state of the world. The song reflects on how, in this modern world, we have in many ways lost our connection to nature. Consumerism and a culture of narcissism are coping mechanisms to fill the void where that future shock, emptiness and sadness would be," the duo explain.

In familiar pandemic fashion 'Heavy' was recorded at home by the duo whilst working remotely with acclaimed Canadian producer Daniel Ledwell. The track features Mabel on vocals and cello, and Ivy on vocals and violin, with Ledwell rounding out the other instrumentals for a completely orchestrated experience.

Check out the track premiere exclusively below and stay tuned for the upcoming album out October 22 via AntiFragile Music

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