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PREMIERE: Cinnamon Sun Lights Up The Acoustic With 'Desires'

Photography by Greg Hillman

Cairns wonder wizards Cinnamon Sun have whipped out the protractor and navigated their way between genres yet again. This time the Far North Queensland group have successfully grafted easy listening guitar with EDM juicebox pulp. 'Desires' is their latest heart-sizzling single, coming your way on August 19th but we were lucky to get a sneak peek at this certified plat bangerooni. The group is only 18 months young and have already garnered over 320,000 listens on Spotify, so definitely keep your peepers trained on these sloshbucklin' guitar-ticklin' ne'er-do-wells.

'Desires' starts with island-guitar sauntering over the starting-line. This lime & coconut riff is infused with the lust & loss of desire, and remains the only constant throughout the piece and contrasts perfectly with the rigid EDM kick of the drums. The vocal melodies of Davy Simony & Jimmy Harwood play cat and mouse with the listener, each one revealing a tiny tad more with each line. Written from personal experience, their lyrics take us on a raw journey from love, loss, lust & loath.

Touching on 'Desires,' Davy Simony gave us the goss:

"Jimmy Harwood and I wrote this song together in Melbourne a couple years ago. We were jamming when we stumbled across this guitar riff and had to get to work straight away; the full song fell out of us quite rapidly as we both wrote from personal experiences. Mid way through this year we hit up Jayden Reid from Leeway Records to flesh out the production - I flew to Brisbane to track my parts, Jimmy sent his parts in, and before we knew it, we had a complete banger of a track! Excited to share it! We hope everyone vibesss"

And there you have it. Be sure to check out 'Desires' this Friday on August 19th. Thanks again to Cinnamon Sun for this groovy tune, it's got the power to put swagger in your walk & a knowing nod in your heart. You'll be singing this one in the shower for yonks. The chorus is catchier than the cold and twice as deadly. They're doing a single launch at the Elixir Music Bar in Cairns! So do yourself right get down there on the 20th! They've even got stand-up comedian Bailey Stevenson backing them on the bill. -TICKETS-

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'Desires' Album Art



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