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Premiere: Drive Into The Sunset With Sunday Lemonade

As goes the age old adage given by many wise sages, English teachers and dried up old writers - you should write about what you know. Mostly, it turns out, what we know is the exact same mundane nonsense and tottering drama everyone else also knows - in which case you should maybe stick to fiction.

Unless you’re Tyson and Loz, the duo at the centre of Sunday Lemonade, whose story of chancedly meeting a brilliant person at a bar, quitting your respective jobs, packing your life into a van and touring the country is certainly worthy of repetition.

The Melbourne based pair will release their fifth single ‘Runaway’ on October 7, a kitschy bubble folk ditty that details the rosy dreams of leaving a cold winter behind to a life of joyful, cramped up 20-something-year-old van life sunshine.

It’s the romance whirlwind of The Lumineers’ 2016 heartbreaker ‘Sleeping on the Floor’ with less gritty, end-of-world-on-a-Sunday-night desperation and more Saturday morning toast and champagne yearning. A bouncing call to pick up, f*ck off and have a luminous adventure of a lifetime with someone who makes you feel all fizzy inside.

If I had some courage, maybe you’d have asked me by now.

Won’t you run away with me tonight

Grab everything we own, pack it in a car

Let’s drive far away

It’s just you and me now, nobody else around

The pair speak on the emotions behind the song, saying:

“Runaway’ is a pop/folk story of reciprocated but unspoken lust, exploring the fascinating hints and moments with another human yet frustrating lack of courage to actually act on it.
“The fairy tale dream of what would happen if that person would hurry up and grab your hand, take you on an adventure and you’d finally have the chance to fall in love.”

The jingle jangly melody and tricksy drum pad beat set a bright foundation for the hopeful lyrics and though both Loz’s silky caramel voice and Tyson’s rougher croon are lovely alone, they shine when balanced in harmony.

The great alone, but better together mentality steers true in practicality as well, with the pair already adding two headline shows, supporting the likes of Steph Strings and The Pierce Brothers, winning the Emerging Artist Award in 2020 for their first festival appearance at Nannup Music Festival, snagging second place at Battle of the Buskers,and growing radio play across the country to their resume after only a few years together.

Catch Sunday Lemonade in November as they take to the stage for Vinehop Festival in Victoria, headlined by The Bamboos and Ash Grunwald.




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