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PREMIERE: Eimhin Meets Our Gaze

Photos by Brad Murnane

The Gaelic fashion wizard is back, this time with their second single, 'She Met My Gaze.' This sophomore release from Eimhin tugs on the heart strings and demonstrates the incredible storytelling of the Gold Coast artist. Dabbling in a history of punk, emo, hardcore & glam, the eye-bulging master of accessorising has now turned to the darkside with indie-folk heartbreak. Following their stunning first single, 'Lately,' the tear-milking has been turned up to eleven with this latest track, oozing introspection, romance & regret in equal parts.

The debonair head-turner dripped a pint of knowledge on the track:

"It's about the liminal period in a relationship when you’re still in denial that things are falling apart. Instead of facing the truth you find yourself placating each other, you still say 'I love you' but it doesn’t feel the same in your heart. You’re still planning for the future, but that future is no longer a reality, at least not with one another."

Written and performed by Eimhin Healy, the track also features fat plucks of the bass strings from Ian Peres, most notably from Wolfmother, and working with Ash Grunwald, Xavier Rudd & touring with The Whitlams. We've got some skins being slapped by mixer & producer George Carpenter, as well as some hymnal additional vox from Lily Budiasa. If you've ever wanted to fill a bucket with tears, this is the track for you.

'She Met My Eyes' is spacey with a touch of earth. It's a building ballad, with ethereal strings and vocal featuring heavily. The emotional payoff comes with the climax of the song, after milky ways of regret and tumbled drums collide. The true star here is the depth of emotion in the songwriting. Let's just be honest guys, it's actually beautiful. This track is what made naked ducks bumpy. Always lurching towards a star-crossed end, Eimhin unleashes the feels. He says it best; 'the best part of this story is the end.'

To celebrate the release of this colossal heartbreaker, Eimhin is throwing a Single Launch on Friday the 18th of November. Supported by the lovely Emily Grace Taylor, be sure to get yourself down there with handkerchief at the ready. A huge thank you to Eimhin for sharing this beautiful track with us and be sure to get 'She Met My Eyes' on your rainy playlist, as well as his previous spine-tingler 'Lately.'

Eimhin 'She Met My Eyes' Single Launch

Tickets here

Friday, 18th November

@ Dust Temple

Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast

Single Cover Art for 'She Met My Eyes'

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