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PREMIERE: Loopole's Debut EP 'Echoes'

Adelaide four-piece Loopole, are band brimming with youthful energy, releasing their debut EP Echoes, which takes influence from 70s rock infusing it with a blend of modern alternative and psychedelic rock - reminiscent of early Marlin's Dreaming.

With only two singles, the young band have already amassed 17,000 streams on Spotify and performed live at a local movie premiere and supported The Effends for their sold out EP Launch. The band have graciously given us a track by track breakdown of their debut effort - check it out below!

We wanted to do a short intro track that would lead nicely into Daylight, so spent a while in the studio just experimenting with different effects and ideas and 'Awake' is what came out!

You gotta love an intro track, a truly underrated element these days. It transitions perfectly into 'Daylight' which has such a primordial quality about the yearning vocals and constant guitar strums as if they're telling the time.

'Daylight' was born from the funky verse riff and developed around that. After the second chorus it opens up into a spacious bridge before returning to the hook at the end.

There's nothing like a clean guitar sound, and 'Belong' brings up vivid memories of big stage gigs where the cool aircon is blasting in summer and you're lost in the sound of band's glossy guitars that reverb out into crowd.

Belong was one of the first songs we wrote as a band, and is probably the first song that demonstrates what we think of as our sound. We released it as a single back in February, and as we revisited it to include as part of Echoes we made a few small changes to help it blend better with the other tracks.

'Telescope' is a more hard hitting track that brings with it swaggerous solo riffs that have us imagining moshing as the sun beats down on a festival stage (ah memories of a pre-pandemic era).

Instrumentally, out of all of the tracks Telescope is the most energetic rock song, and probably the one we have most fun playing live. The lyrics in this song are built around feeling like no one else around you is living in the present.

'Place To Be' is the most relaxed track on the EP yet it features an anthemic ending a la Ocean Alley

Place To Be: This one's more of a slow jam, with a chilled out atmospheric sound featuring intertwining guitar and keys parts. The chorus still ramps up to a bigger sound with lots of guitar layers and strong vocals. Lyrically this song is the most personal track, however it still describes a situation that we think most people can relate to.

The EP ends on an instrumental outro that sounds like the soundtrack to a relaxed sunday arvo after a hard day's work of breakfast beers and lazing about. It picks up tempo as it goes on and that might be the perfect metaphor for Loopole's future prospects.

Echoes: We've been playing various versions of this song live for a while, and its changed a lot through live experimentation. It was a lot of fun to jam this one out together and experiment with things like tempo changes.The majority of the song is relaxed with an almost hypnotic rhythm and atmospheric slide guitar, before transitioning into a heavier ending after the guitar solo.

We're all big fans of 70s rock bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, and something we try to do with our music is bring some of those sounds into a more modern style. Bands like Eagle Eye Jones, Ocean Alley and Peach Fur do this really well and are definitely inspirations for us. Overall we just try to make songs that are fun and mean something to us, and hopefully that translates through to people listening as well.

Loopole have delivered an EP that is chock full of goodies, featuring cohesive sonic notions that can only be further elevated with experience and glossier production. This emergent young talent has us excited for the next generation of Aussie musos.

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