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PREMIERE: MAXON Creates Heartwarming Visual For New Track, ‘Best Shot'

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Torn straight from the pages of a diary entry, MAXON has asserted herself in the realm of profoundly emotional storytellers emerging from the Melbourne scene with her raw and honest songwriting prowess. So too, MAXON’s latest single, ‘Best Shot’ has highlighted yet another creative direction for the artist- that of course in the form of visual work, perfectly accompanying the track it was built for. Take a seat, and soak up the moments of joy this music video brings in such a time of dreariness.

Delicate and intricate, her latest track, ‘Best Shot’ delves into the notions of fleeting time, as well as the pressures of conformity.

Embracing the universality of time, but the different stories we all hold, the ‘Best Shot’ lyric video provides both a beautiful escapism and a gentle reminder of individuality and its forces that contribute to us all leading a different life. Switching between crisp environmental shots, and home footage of different individuals belting out the tune, the video is heartwarming and joyous, making it the perfect pairing to this powerful ballad. Moreover, this ‘lockdown lyric video’ places a spotlight on the power of music to bring people together, communicate and find joy in the darkest times!

The music video for ‘Best Shot’ ties the track together with yet another beautiful feat of visual storytelling and emotive world-building from MAXON!

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