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PREMIERE: RinRin Burns Through Barriers Of Genre With'Hellfire'

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Fusing genres and intertwining sounds has proven to be the birthplace of some of the most creative tracks of recent years. It’s especially showstopping when their fusion creates a complex musical journey of contrasting styles. Since her debut single, ‘The Game, in 2020, RinRin has asserted her position in the music world with force and passion, dragging the roots of hardcore, punk, pop, and electronic and rewiring their often fenced-in capabilities. RinRin’s latest single, ‘Hellfire’ continues to merge the beautifully contrasting styles, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle of sounds and storytelling.

With a demanding and heavy riff opening up the portal to this post-apocalyptic, cyberspace journey, the entirety of the song travels through an intense musical sequence partnered with an equally delicate but impassioned vocal performance. The harsh yet smooth juxtaposition between these brutal sounds and the pop-inspired vocals of RinRin creates an epic battle between the two, in turn, pushing both forces into their best form, allowing the song to flourish in all its uniquenesses. The dynamic feat shifts the dimensions of listening, creating a refreshing and enticing track for its full duration- a new twist arriving around every corner.

Comparable to the likes of Poppy, Bring Me The Horizon, and BABYMETAL; all of which have molded their unique style to shine above the rest- these artists leave behind some large footsteps that RinRin is not only following, but marking with her own special touch. Already submerged in a strong sense of self, an intense feat of storytelling, and an unmissable sound, ‘Hellfire’ is only adding fire to the fury that is RinRin’s rising prominence in the Australian music scene.

Accompanying this single is an atmospheric, bright and all-encompassing animated video, born from the mind of RinRin and leaping from the hands of animators and artists Patrick Malalo-an and Paulo Eric Garinganao!

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