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PREMIERE: SAMAS Get Us Drunk On A Feeling In New Single ‘Drink Alcohol’

Updated: May 20, 2021

Grungy, earthy, and most importantly, authentic. There are many words to describe SAMAS, but none quite pinpoint the mysterious complexity and alluring sound of the Sydney up-and-comer! Forming in 2020, the band has been constructing their own personal niche, culminating in a sound you won't hear around every corner. Their latest single, ‘Drink Alcohol’, is an addictive sip of something that might at first taste a little quirky, but the deeper into it you get, the more you realise how mighty tasty it is!

Fostering the inspiring and authentic garage rock sound, SAMAS has created a soundtrack to the revival. A husky yet comforting voice leads the listener through a maze of layered and built-up instrumentals, all of which contribute to the depth of this song that exceeds face value. The only thing more noticeable than SAMAS’s ability to weave genres into a work of their own is their lyrical capability. Clever, catchy, and centered in the spotlight, the lyrics fill this track, and when delivered as they are in ‘Drink Alcohol’, become more convincing as a feat of storytelling over anything! More importantly, they speak volumes towards the internal thoughts and often defiant, uncontrolled poeticism, of SAMAS, with ‘Drink Alcohol’ launching into a discussion of the fond moments to be had consuming art, alcohol, and acceptance, even when the chaos of life flashes around you.

There are just so many things to love about this track; its uniqueness, its genuine nature, and its multifaceted composition that leaves you wanting another taste!!

And, another taste you shall get! SAMAS are set to release their self-titled EP on June 18th, a body of work which will of course be home to the compelling single, ‘Drink Alcohol’!

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