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PREMIERE: The Dandys Turn 'Lemons' Into Lemonade

Photos by Tom Vue

Brisbane has a new band that is has burst onto the scene. Known for their unhinged live shows and deep trench indie rock, The Dandys have completed the ritual and summoned their latest single into this world. 'Lemons' stepped through the veil off the back of their debut single 'Good Life.' The track was produced by Brock Weston (BUGS) and features gluttonous guitar bolstered by strong, powerful vocals. The Dandys are Brisbane's latest quadtuplet, featuring Mads Protheroe on the voice pipe & rhythm geetar, Felix Fogarty as the lead shredmeister 3000, Henry Schultz as the deepsea bass fisherman, and Nick Keogh-Peel punishing skins and cymbals.

We were lucky enough to catch up with The Dandys and pick their noses about the band & this stomping new release:

Tell us about the band members, the band itself and who y’all are!!? Are there any funny stories or lore? Who plays which instruments? I want to get to know The Dandy’s in all their glory!

We’re the Dandys! Mads, Felix, Henry and the lovely Nick Keogh-Peel. We formed out of a uni project, realised we liked playing it more than studying it and decided to take it out into the real world. The Dandys lore is still pretty fresh and unfolding but we do have a curse on us where we can’t hang out without seeing one of those plastic bunnings owls that are meant to scare off birds??? Without fail it has happens almost every time.

I love the ‘Lemons’ cover art, it reminds me of 90’s animated kid shows. Who did the art, and did you have other designs or options in mind? What’s the story behind


We got Will Johnstone to do the art work for it! He did the cover for our first single and we absolutely loved his style and little characters he came up with so we decided to get him on board for Lemons as well.

Your latest track ‘Lemons’ is just about to drop, what’s the song about and what can you tell us about it?

Lemons is written about a time where my mental health was at its lowest - a night where life had become an overwhelming prospect and I found myself running down the streets and blacking out. The song reflects the surreal experience of mania and how sometimes we try so hard to be positive but life keeps giving us lemons.

I love the heavy and soft dichotomy in the track, the movement from quiet to getting slapped in the face by the guitar. Did the song evolve over the course of writing it, or did you have a clear idea of what it would be from the start?

Mads had a pretty strong idea for the groove and feel when we first started working on it but the song definitely came to life a bit more after workshopping it in the band room and even more so in the studio. The dynamic shift between verse and chorus was definitely something we were going for and is a strong focal point in all of our songwriting. We recruited a few mates to help out with the group vocals in the chorus because I mean, who doesn’t love a big yell-y “da da” chorus?

I’ve heard you’ve got a few fan-favourites lined up to record in the studio and release. Will we be seeing any other Dandy’s releases this year? And do you have any upcoming live gigs we can hype up?

We have a lot of exciting things planned for later in the year both live show and recording wise! We’re hoping to have our first EP done by the end of the year but our next single’s going to be our oldest and probably most requested song, Smile More! We’re pretty excited for that one and it’s got a pretty strong message around women’s safety and some deeper societal issues.
Our next gig is April 16th for the Lemons Single Launch Party, it’s gonna be obnoxiously extra, we’ve got a tattoo giveaway for pre-sale tickets so grab those before April 1st and we’ll catch ya at the show for a beer! xoxo

So there you have it! Be sure to get tickets for their Single Launch before April 1st and get tatted up! The show will be on April 16th and you'd better break your mum's piggy bank and snag a ticket. With a hammer.

Feed your greedy ears 'Lemons' and check out those dastardly delightful Dandys to keep up to date on that tattoo giveaway.

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The Dandys 'Lemons Single Launch Party'

April 16th, 2022

Tickets here

@ Tomcat - Brisbane



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