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Purse Speaks Volumes With His Debut Single

Image: @azelsalbum

Fresh faced Lachlan Pearson aka PURSE burst into the Aussie music scene with debut release 'Speak' as the perfect example of everything going right with the Aussie music scene, giving us a glimpse of hopeful light down the long road and unfamiliar road ahead that is the future of live music.

The Brisbane local teamed up with Nick Keogh-Peel (drums), Tyler Ascough (bass) and Logan Eckersley (guitar) to record ‘Speak’ at Bedlam Records.

His debut single combines inspiration from indie rock bands such as Spacey Jane, Ocean Alley and Pacific Avenue. With punchy yet relatable and heartfelt lyrics that are made to be screamed by a sweaty crowd under the sunshine, the song is a heartbreak anthem. The track is absolutely full to the brim with enchanting melodies, catchy vocals and sparky guitar riffs for days, making it an absolute classic Aussie indie rock banger.

PURSE is absolutely killing it from the get go of his musical career, and has a musical flair that is well-established and developed to create his own unique sound.

With more music to come later this year, he's definitely one to watch.

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